YOOSHI Token, The Coolest Dino on The Block!

tl;drYooShi is a token built on Binance Smart Chain and has a total fixed supply of one quadrillion. It is a community-led platform since the ownership of the contract has been transferred to a burn wallet. YooShi's supply is seeded as liquidity, meaning there is no presale and no token allocations to team members. 3% of every transaction fee is locked as liquidity in PancakeSwap YOOSHI/BNB pool. It has a market cap of around $775 million, and its market rank is #229. The monthly ROI (Return of Investment) has been 464%, and during the past four months, YooShi had a 127% growth rate on Twitter.
YOOSHI Token, The Coolest Dino on The Block!
YOOSHI Token, The Coolest Dino on The Block!
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What Technologies are Behind YooShi?

YooShi uses a blend of different technologies to ensure decentralization, security and profit.

Black Hole Algorithm

The 'Black Hole' is counted as one of the wallet holders to which 4% of all transactions are distributed. Blackhole owned over 50% of the supply at launch. It results in the rapid growth of the black hole, bringing the quick burn of the token supply.

Fair Launch

Liquidity is locked in PancakeSwap, and the contract ownership has been transferred to the burn address. This makes the project unruggable and further decentralized. 

Also, 100% of YooShi's supply is seeded as liquidity. It means there are no presales, and non of the supply was allocated to the team members.

Continuously Rising Price Floor

YooShi created an ever-rising price floor by locking 3% of every transaction fee as liquidity in the PancakeSwap YOOSHI/BNB pool.

Whale Shock Safety

To prevent whale shocks, YooShi has an interesting strategy. No wallet can hold more than 1% of the token supply, and the system denies transactions that involve more than 5 trillion tokens. 

YooShi GamePad

YooShi GamePad provides an open NFT presale platform for all incubated gaming projects. This unique and brand-new token issue and fundraising way which combines NFT and Token will help the project build a healthier “initial market”.

YooShi GamePad is an open NFT presale platform for all produced gaming projects within the system.

  • Token Genesis Farming: You can obtain your gaming NFT by participating in gaming NFT’s presale. The NFT acts like a virtual mining machine with 'HashRate'. To participate in the genesis mining of gaming governance tokens, you can stake the NFT in NFT Mining. This process is the initial public offering of the gaming token.
  • Initial Liquidity Injecting: A certain percentage of the NFT blindbox presale is allocated to game developers, while the remaining part will be used as an initial liquidity fund to be locked in DEX. The ownership of the LP Token is also transferred to a multi-signature wallet co-managed by YooShi.
  • Yield Farming: Yield farming can effectively help YOOSHI achieve non-stop value after the initial public offering; it is an “expanding” function of staking and GamePad.

Angelman Syndrome

YooShi launched the Angel NFT charity auction on Binance in mid-November. There are 1000 YooShi Angel NFTs, and players can get Angel NFT by compositions of other YooShi NFTs. Costs are incurred in casting, and 60% of them will be donated to Angel Syndrome patients.

Angel syndrome is an intellectual disorder caused by genetic defects. The clinical manifestations are movement or balance disorder, language impairment, severe developmental backwardness, low intelligence, abnormal behavior accompanied by laughter, smile, and excitement. Although they are born to laugh, each "angel" represents a broken-hearted family behind them.

"HOLD, EARN, HELP OTHERS '' has always been YooShi's philosophy, and the project has been committed to helping others since its foundation and focused on patients with Angelman Syndrome.

How Has YOOSHI Made It So Far?

If you were a Super Mario player back in the days, Yoshi isn't a new name for you. YooShi is a token built on Binance Smart Chain and has a total fixed supply of 1 quadcraton. The team recently enlisted Chikyu Bae, a high-profile member of Samsung Group, as YooShi's CEO. YooShi has been audited by the leading security team Certik. You can check the audit report here.

YooShi took decentralization to the next level. It is community-led and managed by volunteers. Even the ownership of the contract has been burned, and the launch was seeded as liquidity. 40% of the tokens were distributed as Fair Launch supply, 10% were destroyed gradually, and the remaining 50% is burned developer tokens.

Financial Analysis and Tokenomics

Yoshi was launched in May 2021 as a meme coin which means the volatility tends to be a little higher than coins in most categories due to its nature. However, this doesn't make the project any less brilliant. YooShi has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens! When writing this post, on Nov 22, its price is about 4653% higher than its all-time low, which happened on Jul 9, 2021. Its price at the time of writing is in the range of $0.000002.

Market Cap and Popularity

It has a market cap of around $775 million, and its market rank is #229 at the time of writing this post. Also, the monthly ROI (Return of Investment) has been 464%, showing the great potential of YOOSHI.

A great capable marketing team and brand awareness have a direct impact on the success of any project. During the past four months, YooShi had a 127% growth rate on Twitter and an 18% growth on the Telegram platform. You can read more about YooShi's tokenomics in their whitepaper.

Where Can I Purchase YooShi?

Feel YooShi is what makes you rich, you can buy YooShi tokens on Binance, Metamask, Trust Wallet, and PancakeSwap.

Is YooShi a Good Investment Option?

Overall, the technology and price action look very promising, and the team's dedication to doing the project as decentralized as possible is pretty impressive. YooShi can be a good investment option for investors searching for low-priced coins with amazing market action. However, we are no financial advisors, and what we're providing at Cryptologi.st is for educational purposes only. We have gathered everything you need for making investment decisions all in one place. We believe awareness is the key to a successful investment and maximizing your gains.

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