0XMON: An On-Chain AI-Generated Monster

tl;drWhether you’re interested in digital art created with Artificial Intelligence or not, you need to check this out! 0xmons is a unique animation generated by Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and trained on pixel art images. 0xmons is developed on the Ethereum blockchain, and XMON works as its governance token. Let’s go to the point and learn more about how this project works and creates digital arts!
0XMON: An On-Chain AI-Generated Monster
0XMON: An On-Chain AI-Generated Monster
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0xmons And XMON Coin In A Nutshell

0xmons is a non-fungible token (NFT) platform for summoning rare neural net-generated pixel monsters that runs on the Ethereum network. They are incentivized by SCP, Pokemon, and Lovecraft combinations. 0xmons platform combines pixel art and blockchain collectibles. XMON Coin, as the governance token of 0xmons, was created as an ERC-20 token that addresses the network's staking demands with NFT sales and encoding fees. It has been available for trading on exchanges since Feb 18, 2021. The ERC-721 contract represents each monster on this platform.

How Does XMON Work?

XMON is the coin created in the 0xmons project that was created to generate scarce digital collections using machine learning. A GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) trained on pixel art images generates a unique animation for each digital monster called 0xmon. Then, a generative language model is used to generate a unique name, epithet, and lore for the image (think GPT-3). Each 0xmon can be encoded entirely on Ethereum to ensure that it lasts. It means that the animation, name, epithet, and legend of any monster can be preserved for as long as the blockchain remains. Users can use data storage that is less expensive or contract storage that provides full availability.

What Makes 0xmons Cool?

Here are some of the most significant features of 0xmons:

  • Fully unique NFT: Unlike other projects, each 0xmon is unique. No one else will have a 0xmon with the same animation, name, epithet, or lore as you do.
  • Human-AI hybrid creativity: The animation, name, epithet, and lore of each 0xmon were created by AI and then hand-tweaked by a human. It enables a unique form of creative output that is currently uncommon in the NFT space.
  • Onchain data: On Ethereum, the entirety of each NFT can be fully encoded.

Digital Currencies Are Welcome In 0xmon Ecosystem!

The 0xmons NFT is part of a larger ecosystem that includes XMON, a utility ERC-20 token, and sudoswap, a peer-to-peer asset exchange. The 0xmons project receives XMON and ETH fees through NFT sales and encoding fees. Users can stake their XMON tokens for a share of the fees to XMON. Make millions by learning the top secrets of staking.

XMON’s Recent Developments

The 0xmons platform was launched earlier this year as a platform for people to experiment with machine learning techniques, NFTs, and glitchy Cthulhu aesthetics. According to the 0xmon team, the platform, which is in the alpha version, will support ERC20 tokens, NFTs, and asset swaps. Later this year, the 0xmons platform will be released in beta version. It introduced the NFT Lottery on Mainnet in August 2021, powered by ChainLink's VRF for randomness, allowing users to make fair, on-chain RNG (Random Generator) drops for any NFT. 

XMON’s Future

0xmons has a number of exciting events planned. The unveiling of a liquidity provision protocol for NFTs that employs the LSSVM technique for financialization is possibly the most intriguing. It will allow users to sell whole numbers of NFTs rather than fractionalizing them into smaller pieces. The debut of the advanced version of the zkNFT platform later this year is another announcement that users are expecting.

XMON’s Financial Analysis

XMON’s Return On Investment (ROI) was 1,342%, a dream that came true for its investors! However, its liquidity score is 28% below the market’s average score, making it a challenging sale in bear markets. Moreover, its market cap rank saw a bell-shaped trend over the last six months, peaking at the rank 305 on Jan 10, 2022, and decreasing to 459 by April 1, 2020, with over $106 million. The social media analysis at Cryptologi.st shows that XMON’s Twitter followers increased by 104% over the last six months, while its Telegram channel users went up by 64% over the same time frame. 


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