XDC Wallet: The Wallet You Are Looking For!

tl;drFinally, the XinFin blockchain has released its free wallet called the XDC Wallet, which streamlines storing XDC and XCDE. Retailers, developers and institutions can all use this wallet. The users can get an XDC address and generate their private keys. Using the XDC Wallet, the users can swap or send their XDC or other tokens, buy ENS domains, interact with smart contracts, and many more! To learn what this wallet offers to simplify your transactions, let’s read this article together.
XDC Wallet: The Wallet You Are Looking For!
XDC Wallet: The Wallet You Are Looking For!
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What Is XDC Wallet?

After the successful launch of the XinFin mainnet on Jun 1, 2019, XDC Network introduced the XDC Wallet. This wallet is aimed to be a free, client-side interface enabling the users to connect with the XinFin blockchain. Using this easy-to-use, open-source platform, the users will generate wallets, and interact with smart contracts, to name but a few of its use cases.

How To Use XDC Wallet Super Easily?

To answer this question, we need to see what XDC Wallet offers each of us and what we can do with it. In the following, we’ll review what XDC Wallet provides for retailers, developers, and institutions.

What Does XDC Wallet Offer Retailers?

Retailers can use XDC Wallet following three simple steps as follows:

  1. Open XDC Wallet.
  2. Get XDC Tokens.
  3. Trade XDC.

What Does XDC Waller Offer Developers?

Using the XDC Wallet, developers will have access to the following

  • Developer Environment
  • Distributed Apps (Private)
  • Distributed Apps (Public)
  • Protocol Development, and
  • DApp Marketplace.

What Does XDC Wallet Offer Institutions?

Using the XDC Wallet, institutions can:

  • Contact the XDC Network,
  • Get Stake Membership,
  • Access Infrastructure Set-Up
  • Host a Private Network, and
  • Connect to The Private Network of Partners.
XDC Wallet Logo
XDC Wallet Logo

XDC Wallet Unique Features

XDC Wallet defines itself as a decentralised wallet prioritising security. The following are its most significant features.

  • Ensuring security when sending and receiving XDC and XDCE 24/7
  • Providing user-friendly UI/UX
  • Enabling quick sending and receiving of XDC and XDCE via XinFin Network
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to maintain the balance records
  • Supporting both native tokens of the XDC Network, i.e., XDC and XDCE

What Are The Changes In The Latest Version of The XDC Wallet?

The new version of the XDC Wallet introduces some changes, including UI/UX and wallet functions. The other prominent features are as follows.

  • Running on the XinFin mainnet,
  • Enabling the users to store XDC and XDCE in one address to streamline using private keys,
  • Showing all the transaction information clearly,
  • Supporting QR codes for sending and receiving XDC and XDCE,
  • Providing the possibility of exporting private keys for the users, and
  • Enabling the option to test the wallet with test XDC.

How Can I Get XDC Wallet?

To download the XDC Wallet, Android users can get the app from the Google Play Store. The following image shows what the application looks like on Google Play Store. XDC Wallet is the official mobile wallet for XinFin and can currently be used for storing two main tokens of the XDC Network, i.e., XDC (the native token of XinFin) and XDCE (an ERC-20 token).

XDC Wallet Logo on Google Play Store
XDC Wallet Logo on Google Play Store

XCD Wallet Creator: All You Need to Know About XDC Network

XinFin (XDC Network) is an enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain with open-source codes optimised for international trade and finance. XinFin Integrates the power of public and private blockchains with interoperable smart contracts and is completely compatible with EVM. The CDX Network is fuelled by the native coins XDC and XDCE. To learn all about the XDC Wallet creator, the XDC Network, check out this detailed review.

Watch Out When Using XDC Wallet!

Yes, there is something super important you need to be careful about when using the XDC Wallet. You are responsible for getting a backup from your private key and storing it safely to prevent losing your tokens. XinFin takes no responsibility whatsoever if you lose your tokens, in case you don’t store your private key.

Final Remarks About XDC Wallet

XDC Wallet is another decentralised wallet introduced to facilitate access to the XinFin blockchain, storing XDC and XDCE tokens and all the XDC Network offers. Before using the wallet, you need to learn all about the XDC Network, the platform creating this wallet. Also, you can check out the free screening tool provided at Cryptologi.st, which enables you to compare hundreds of crypto projects, put your favourite ones on your Watchlist to monitor how they evolve through time, and read the detailed project reviews provided for you to save countless hours searching for authentic information on the net. Keep checking Cryptologi.st to stay updated about the crypto sphere's ins and outs!

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