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Nelly S.
Dec 05, 2021

Splinterlands (SPS): Innovations on P2E Games!

tl;drSplinterlands (SPS) is a cryptocurrency governance token that works as the primary currency in the Splinterlands card trading game. The main purposes of SPS include decision-making ability and control over asset owners,player-base, and stakeholders. SPS' Market Cap is around $91 million, and its rank is #479. Our data indicate that SPS' popularity on Twitter has increased by 41% in the number of followers over the past months. Moreover, its Telegram channel users went up by 13%, and its Reddit went up by 51%.
Splinterlands (SPS): Innovations on P2E Games!
Splinterlands (SPS): Innovations on P2E Games!
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What Is Splinterlands (SPS)?

Splinterlands is a card game that started on the Steem blockchain as Steemmonsters. However, over time the project changed names. Now gamers can play the sport on desktop and mobile devices, mainly using the Hive blockchain. Due to its intelligent functionality, cards and tokens can even be traded on the Ethereum blockchain and Wax.

Splinterlands allows anybody to play and earn cards and other resources. Players have to create a collection of cards to defeat their opponent. Cards are available in different rarities with seven different stats. Additionally, these cards have abilities and are available from seven factions. The way cards work together relies on these additional attributes.

Players earn cards by winning matches. They'll combine cards to realize levels. Then you'll sell cards on the open marketplace for cryptocurrencies or lease them to other players.

Who Owns Splinterlands (SPS)?

The two founders are Jesse Reich and Matthew Rosen, who go under "aggroed" and "yabapmatt" on the Splinterlands Discord server. Both are from the Pennsylvania area. While Reich was a former scientist and chemistry professor with no professional gaming experience before Splinterlands, Rosen worked as a developer for Ryzing and RockYou, both gaming projects, albeit not blockchain-based. The team of Splinterlands consists of 12 employees as per their LinkedIn page.

Token Utility (SPS)

Splintershards (SPS) rewards long-term asset holders and supporters of Splinterlands, which has been running for three years already. The token will start distribution in July, and allocation will last for five years and five months. It will exist on the Binance Smart Chain, and holding the token will give players voting rights on certain governance decisions within the Splinterlands project. The developers expect this to be finalized by the top of the year. Until that point, users can trade, stake, and earn tokens through DeFi mechanics on the Binance Smart Chain.

Splinterlands (SPS) Key Features

  • The in-game governance activities will function the most goal of Splintershards (SPS) tokens.
  • SPS token holders can vote on this or upcoming changes to the Splinterlands game.
  • The seriousness of the proposed changes will rely on the quantity of SPS tokens staked by a particular player.
  • Players will be able to vote on updates to card balance, DEC inflation pools, quest or season leaderboard rewards, and other important upgrades.

Unique Ways to require Advantage Of Splinterlands

  • Splinterland aims to maximize the growing demand for blockchain-based games that provide the likelihood to have unique digital assets.
  • Splinterland runs on the Hive blockchain, Which means all actions within the game are recorded on the blockchain.
  • Anyone can join the sport by creating a Hive blockchain address, making the sport.
  • Players have a base set of purchase booster packs and cards or specific cards from other players.
  • These cards will be leveled up and utilized in battle against other gamers.
  • In these battles ranked, players compete for Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).
  • Gamers can even obtain DEC by converting unused cards into their collections.
  • DEC used to buy in-game items or trading cards from other players on the Splinterland market. They are tradable among players and on third-party exchanges.
  • The SPS token will work on the Binance Smart Chain platform as a DAO.
  • The token is a governance token integrated into the game, gives players the choice to influence decisions about the sport and the ecosystem.

The Best Exchange Platforms And Similar Coins

Some of the top exchanges for trading Splinterlands (SPS) currently on centralized exchanges (CEX) include BKEX,, LBank, and MEXC Global. You can also use decentralized exchanges (DEX) have PancakeSwap.

Similar projects to Splinterlands are Axie InfinityThe Sandbox, and Gala, all Play To Earn, Gaming, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) projects.

How Does Splinterlands (SPS) Work?

Splinterlands provides a platform for card lovers to play, trade, and earn in-game rewards from their desktop and mobile phones. The sport currently offers 283+ cards which players can combine to extend their character abilities and become stronger.

Seven stats outline how good a player is: speed, armor, mana cost, and differing attack types, including ranged, magic, and melee. Splinterlands has different "factions," also referred to as "Splinters." Every card belongs to a particular faction: Fire, Earth, Dragon, Death, Life, Water, and Neutral (mercenaries). Several Rarities and talents achieve a plus over other players in Splinterlands.

Splinterlands offers a spread of in-game activities for players to participate in and earn rewards daily. There are several varieties of gameplay, including quests, ranked play, and tournaments.

Players participate within the game on many alternative levels to earn card packs, rarity, magic potions, and therefore the most original item, Dark Energy (digital currency employed to shop for items from the in-game shop). Splinterlands can combine cards to upgrade their levels, rent cards to other players, or convert their cards to various cryptocurrencies.


Before choosing a project to speculate in, it's essential to contemplate the metrics of a project. One of the foremost necessary details is the economic aspects we will search into within the following section.

Splinterlands ROI, Popularity And Market Cap

When writing this post on Dec 6, 2021, in the last 24 hours, Splinterlands trading volume has been about $1,703,434 million, meaning this amount of SPS has been traded and circulated. SPS' Return On Investment (ROI) has been -45.902% over the last month. However, Splinterlands underperformed in 'Play To Earn, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Gaming categories had 247% growth over the past year. SPS' Market Cap is $91 million, and its rank is #479. Splinterlands Network's marketing team is doing a great job! According to our data, SPS' Twitter account saw an increase of 41% in followers over the past months. Moreover, its Telegram channel users went up by 13%, and its Reddit is 51% over the same period.

Is Splinterlands (SPS) The Best Crypto Investment Option?

There aren't many card games within the NFT zone with their blockchain. An NFT game with a blockchain increases trust among the investor community, and there's an opportunity that more investments start coming in, causing a rise in the price of Splintershards (SPS). At, we provide all the reports and key metrics you'd require before deciding to protest. You will find up-to-date, reliable information about the cryptocurrency market on our website, including NFT Projects.

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