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Paris H.
Apr 27, 2022

SingularityDAO: AI Ruling The Crypto Market!

tl;drSingularityDAO is a DeFi platform designed to facilitate access to the crypto economy. SingularityDAO is governed by the SDAO tokens and tasked with governing DynaSets. Artificial Intelligence used by SingularityDAO will monitor every transaction on the blockchain, search social media for sentiment, employ advanced trading algorithms, and develop methods to predict the market. All you need to know about SingularityDAO is here at your fingertips. Keep scrolling!
SingularityDAO: AI Ruling The Crypto Market!
SingularityDAO: AI Ruling The Crypto Market!
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What Is SingularityDAO?

Founded in 2021, SingluarityDAO has combined artificial intelligence, machine learning, information technology, and decentralised finance (DeFi) to develop a decentralised platform which streamlines accessing the crypto economy. SingularityDAO employs DynaSets, which are dynamic baskets of tokens. Dynamism refers to the management of the baskets, which is done by humans and AI traders together. Backed by machine learning engineers, SingularityDAO strives to use real artificial intelligence, not the things currently available in crypto. AI will be used for various purposes, including monitoring all transactions, searching social media, using modern trading algorithms, and predicting market changes. Don’t miss this article about IoT and Blockchain.

SingularityDAO Unique Features

SingularityDAO has put all its efforts into providing everything DeFi for its users. DynaSets, Staking, and Yield Farming, are created to achieve this aim.

DynaSets in SingularityDAO

DynaSets are dynamically managed sets of assets, automatically rebalanced by advanced Artificial Intelligence and professional traders to outperform the market.

Staking in SingluarityDAO

SingularityDAO offers a bonded staking program to provide maximum benefit and the best rewards to SDAO holders. SDAO token holders can withdraw any time they want, thanks to the unbonded staking program.

Yield Farming in SingularityDAO

To do Yield Farming, SDAO holders need to provide liquidity first and then farm their LP tokens to maximise results with highly competitive APR.

SingularityDAO Future Goals

SingularityDAO plans to expand its launchpad, token bridge, and dashboard to create a better user experience. Let’s have a sneak peek at these plans.

SingularityDAO Launchpad

The SingularityDAO is determined to host the best projects that will emerge. SingularityDAO Launchpad will provide access to all SingularityNET Ecosystem projects, in addition to other external projects with promising features.

SingularityDAO Token Bridge

SingularityDAO aims to become chain agnostic. Users will be enabled to bridge to any chain benefiting from SingularityDAO’s suite of DeFi tools.

SingularityDAO Dashboard

Currently, the ultimate SingularityDAO DeFi Dashboard is being developed. It will provide advanced insights into users’ DeFi portfolios.

SingularityDAO Token (SDAO)

SingularityDAO is governed by the SDAO governance tokens and tasked with governing DynaSets. SDAO token holders can vote on SingularityDAO governance events and participate in the future of DeFi.

SingularityDAO Financial Analysis

Today, on Apr 25, 2022, SingularityDAO holds the #558th market cap rank among all crypto projects on SingularityDAO’s price is $1.28, and its 24-hour trading volume amounts to $2,949,903, and in the previous 24 hours, SDAO’s price has been down by -13.1%. SingularityDAO has a circulating supply of 45 Million SDAO coins and a total supply of 100 Million. Currently, one of the most active exchanges to trade SingularityDAO is KuCoin.

Disclaimer: Don’t take this article as financial advice. You need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investment.

SingularityDAO Price Prediction

Price predictions provided here are based on the crypto experts’ opinions about the current performance of SingularityDAO. Note that these are merely predictions, and you need to consult your financial advisors prior to making any investment decisions, and do not take this article as financial advice.

SingularityDAO Price Prediction for 2022

Crypto experts predict that in 2022, the price of SingularityDAO will reach a minimum of $1.25, a maximum of $1.50, with an average trading price of $1.29.

SingularityDAO Price Prediction for 2023

The price of SingularityDAO is predicted to reach a minimum of $1.84 in 2023. The maximum price of SingularityDAO can reach $2.15, with an average price of $1.91 in 2023.

SingularityDAO Price Prediction for 2024

In 2024, the price of SingularityDAO is expected to reach a minimum of $2.54. The SDAO price can reach a maximum of $3.21, with an average trading price of $2.64.

SingularityDAO Price Prediction for 2025

The price of each SingularityDAO token (SDAO) is expected to reach $3.69 at a minimum in 2025. The SDAO price can reach a maximum of $4.44, with an average price of $3.79 throughout 2025.

SingularityDAO Roadmap

SingularityDAO has released its roadmap for various quarters of 2022. Here is its roadmap for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2022.

SingularityDAO Roadmap for Q3 2022

The following is SingularityDAO’s roadmap for the third quarter of the current year, i.e., July to September 2022.

SingularityDAO Roadmap for Q4 2022

The graph below shows SingularityDAO’s roadmap for the last quarter of this year, i.e., October to December 2022.

SingularityDAO Leadership Team

SingularityDAO is co-founded by Mario Casiraghi and Marcello Mari, who is also the CEO, and Robert Wils, the Product Owner. SingularityDAO uses Chris Poulin as the CTO of the project and Dr. Ben Goertzel as its Chief AI Scientist. You can also find SingularityDAO on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

Should I Invest In SingularityDAO?

SingularityDAO enjoys a solid whitepaper, a knowledgable team, and high aims, all of which are fundamental elements of every successful crypto project. SingularityDAO is also backed by science and cutting-edge technology. These are undeniable features of SingularityDAO, but the crypto market is too volatile and dependent on many internal and external factors. is not here to tell you what to trade; instead, it helps you learn all about the projects you have your eyes on. does so by delivering top coin reviews, hot news, and educational articles.

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