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Ahmet R.
Jul 01, 2022

Sero Coin: Zero-Knowledge Proofs For Privacy Protection

tl;drSero Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Sero system, which describes itself as the leader of privacy-protecting platforms that help decentralised applications to be truly secure, private, and stable. It supports smart contracts, making Sero Coin the first blockchain-based privacy digital asset to provide smart contract functionality. From financial aspects, Sero Coin is ranked #443 with almost a $40 million market cap when writing this post. Let’s learn the details of the Sero Coin and see if it is a profitable investment.
Sero Coin: Zero-Knowledge Proofs For Privacy Protection
Sero Coin: Zero-Knowledge Proofs For Privacy Protection
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Sero Coin In A Nutshell

Sero Coin is the native token of the Sero system, the first blockchain platform in the world that uses Zero-Knowledge proof-based private transactions and Turing complete smart contracts. Sero Coin project defines itself as the first privacy coin in the industry that supports smart contracts. Also, it claims to be the first privacy protection platform in the world that enables developers to create privacy coins and use them in DApps, enabling privacy features in DApps. On top of that, Super-ZK, the world's fastest Zero-Knowledge Proof encryption library, was created by the Sero Coin project. It is 20+ times faster than Zcash's most recent zk-SNARKs (Sapling update).

What Problems Does Sero Coin Solve?

Sero Coin came to play to solve one of the most critical problems in the blockchain industry. Bitcoin and other public chain systems are examples of current decentralised blockchain technologies that have quickly acquired acceptance as valuable Internet infrastructure. A public chain system must agree on both the data flow and the mathematics used to create datasets because of the decentralised nature of the system. The user-initiated remittance transactions, transaction verification calculations, and UXTO updates all require continuous monitoring of the user's account balance in the Bitcoin system. Other types of blockchain systems, like Ethereum, build a decentralised smart contract system using an account-based model.

What Is The Role of Sero Coin In The Crypto Industry?

To see the role of Sero Coin in the industry, we need to talk a little more about the market and the industry. The economic activities of organisations in the real world demonstrate that the biggest barrier to the widespread use of decentralised smart contracts is a lack of privacy. There are various actions and processes that consumers regard to be confidential in domains, including enterprise supply chain management, sealed-bid auctions, financial transactions, online shopping behaviours, and social media habits. In designing privacy-protected digital currencies, current anonymous blockchain systems like Zcash and Monero have made some progress. However, these systems have given up on programmability and haven't explored programmability without disclosing transaction data in plaintext to transaction verifiers or miners. Sero Coin aims to address these problems with its unique solutions and features.

What Are The Sero Coin Main Features?

The issues mentioned above are fixed in the Sero Coin system's most recent release. The following features distinguish the public chain system from its competitors.

Improvement Of NIZK Algorithm In Sero Coin

Sero Coin's project designed the improvements based on the information in the 2014 paper "Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture" by Ben-Sassoon and colleagues. The encryption procedure of Sero Coin was further optimised by the algorithm so that it could be used in the distributed network's blockchain data infrastructure.

Optimisation Of Encryption Process In Sero Coin 

Zcash's performance difficulties with encryption are targeted by the Sero Coin project, i.e., the long transaction completion time that frequently takes one to two minutes. To shorten transaction times, Sero Coin Chain completely redefines the encryption process. Performance, as a result, is more than five times faster than Zcash.

Blockchain Structure In Sero Coin

The Ethereum storage structure was reconstructed by Sero Coin Chain. Sero Coin structure employs the technique of combining historical and conditional states. The design seeks to achieve the security and privacy properties of tokens circulating on the Sero Coin Chain. The resulting design gives the overall structure a larger capacity for expansion. Clear and straightforward, the entire data block encryption process also includes the off-chain storage architecture.

Supporting Turing Complete Model In Sero Coin

The smart contracts on the Sero Coin blockchain support many modes of the Turing complete operating model through Zero-Knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption protocols. Developers of DApps can decide whether to issue tokens and tickets that store complicated data structures with or without privacy protection features and with or without the publishing or privacy of calculation details. DApp can produce privacy-protected tokens for various scenarios, such as sealed-bid auctions, thanks to the privacy-protected assets and Turing complete online smart contracts.

Smart Contract Involving Multiple Tokens In Sero Coin

In addition to supporting the trade of various distinctive digital assets issued in Sero Coin Chain from the same smart contract, Sero Coin Chain is capable of using smart contracts for the issuance and trading of anonymous digital assets. The smart contracts developed by Sero Coin Chain allow for the decentralised exchange of various digital assets.

Supporting Selective Privacy Audit In Sero Coin

Users may need a dependable third party to carry out financial audits of transactions for complicated business applications. Users of the Sero Coin's ecology can grant or deny third parties permission to track particular information from the pertinent transaction data to facilitate audits.

Sero Coin: The First Project Of A Series!

The Sero Coin team considers the privacy protection needed by decentralised applications. The team also intends to offer solutions for the confidentiality of the physical network address of the account and the security of point-to-point network transmission. These solutions will allow the centralised application to obtain strong privacy protection functions when interacting with the centralised application or the user's client. The overall integrated solution will be a three-part suite, with the Sero Coin project being the first to be made public and the remaining two projects being positioned as follows.

ALIEN Protocol

ALIEN Protocol is a distributed DNS system with the capabilities of IP automatic switching and dynamic addressing, can use knowledge about P2P network interactions already in place, resists attacker blocking, and allows the complete data transmission network to reach the ideal stable security is needed.

CASTROL Protocol

CASTROL Protocol is a decentralised network that can be used to preserve the privacy of physical nodes in both centralised and decentralised networks by realising the anonymous protection of IP addresses.

Sero Coin Financial Analysis

Sero Coin saw a Return On Investment (ROI) of -48% over the last year. Although it was a negative number, Sero Coin outperformed similar projects with an average ROI of -51%. Sero Coin’s  All-Time High (ATH) was hit on Jul 6, 2019, and reached $0.55. However, after experiencing this high price, the coin started a downward trend and fell to lower prices between $0.10- $0.15. Today, on Jun 30, 2022, the SERO coin price is $0.104.

Sero Coin Popularity 

Data provided at Cryptologi.st shows that Sero Coin’s Twitter account followers increased by 7% over the last six months, surpassing 43k followers. Moreover, its Reddit subscribers went up by 35%, while Sero Coin’s Telegram channel users declined by 8% over the same timeframe.

Sero Coin Market Cap and Liquidity

Sero Coin’s market cap rank has constantly improved over the last six months. It was ranked #759 on Dec 31, 2021, and then went up constantly to #443 when writing this post with over a $40 million market cap. However, Sero Coin price saw a U-shaped trend over the same period, peaking at $0.21 on Apr 2, 2022. Moreover, its liquidity score is 17%, making Sero Coin a challenging sale in bearish markets.

Sero Coin Market Cap and Price Over the Last 6 Months
Sero Coin Market Cap and Price Over the Last 6 Months

Disclaimer: Don’t take this article as financial advice. You need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investment.

Sero Coin Price Prediction

It is impossible to predict the price of cryptocurrencies as it depends on many factors in the market. However, it is always helpful to take a look at financial experts’ ideas about a potential investment option, especially in such a volatile market. In the following, we’ll review the Sero Coin price prediction reports published by Priceprediction.net, Coincodex.com, and Technewsleader.com. Before proceeding to the reports, you should remember that these are just predictions, not buy or sell signals. You need to do your own research before making any financial decisions.

Sero Coin Price Prediction 2023

Coincodex.com predicted that Sero Coin will be traded at $0.14 over 2023. They calculated the prediction based on the Internet Growth method. Priceprediction.net expects the price to be $0.17 on average, while Technewsleader.com forecasted the Sero Coin’s price to be $0.18 at most. 

Sero Coin Price Prediction 2024

Coincodex.com predicted that the average price would continue going up and may reach $0.18 in 2024. Priceprediction.net reported that the average trading price of Sero Coin might be $0.25, and Technewsleader.com expects the price to reach $0.26 over 2024. 

Sero Coin Price Prediction 2025

According to Coincodex.com, Sero Coin will be traded for $0.23 over 2025, while Priceprediction.net and Technewsleader.com forecast the average trading price to be $0.36 and $0.40 respectively.

Final Remarks

It is a fact that Sero Coin is one of the pioneer privacy coins in the crypto market with several unique features and a market cap rank that has followed a positive trend over the last six months. However, you should beware that choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in is risky, and you must do comprehensive research before making any decision. Especially, Sero Coin has a low liquidity score that makes it difficult to sell when the market is falling. At Cryptologi.st, we do all the hard work and gather all the information you need to compare hundreds of crypto projects easily. We provide comprehensive reviews, financial and social media analyses, and handy tools like a free Screener and Watchlist to streamline the comparison and decision-making process. Stay attuned for more!

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