ScPrime: Making Money from Unused Cloud Storages!

tl;drScPrime is a distributed network to provide cloud storage to businesses and market opportunities. ScPrime is also the leading developer and keeper of the SCP blockchain, which allows users to upload and download data networks. ScPrime is a Proof of Work protocol planning to move to Proof of Stake. Xa-Miner and Xa-Net are two storage services you need to dig in. To know all about ScPrime, you should keep scrolling!
ScPrime: Making Money from Unused Cloud Storages!
ScPrime: Making Money from Unused Cloud Storages!
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ScPrime Observed In Detail

First and foremost, the ScPrime network focuses on providing storage by being an intermediary between those who offer unused storage and the paying renters. The benefit for storage providers is twofold: they’ll earn passive income and help create a distributed data centre.

What Can Be Stored in ScPrime Storages?

To learn what we can store in ScPrime storage, we first need to go through the concept of erasure coding. It seems complicated, but it’s actually not! In simple terms, files need to be encrypted before reaching providers’ drives. Encryption makes files break into many shards, and this process results in redundancy across multiple providers. It means providers can access the files even offline. To store encrypted shards, renters can sign smart contracts with providers to make sure of the integrity and availability of the data.

Who Can Rent ScPrime Storages?

According to ScPrime, “Enterprises, cloud/ managed service providers, or anyone else already using cloud infrastructure for their work and data flows can integrate with just the swap of a URL to begin using the distributed cloud”.

Also, the ScPrime network runs a cloud data service providing company, Xa-Net Services, to provide enterprise-grade renter infrastructure for its customers.

Can Public Users Use ScPrimes Cloud Services?

ScPrime offers an open-source renter for public use; however, it is not what ScPrime was designed for. It was mainly developed to provide service to enterprises through Xa-Net Services.

How To Be a ScPrime Storage Provider?

The easiest method to become a storage provider for ScPrime is to use Xa-Miner. Let’s see what it is and how it works.

ScPrime Xa-Miner Cloud Service

Xa-Miner is a cloud service product from the ScPrime project, which consists of a distributed data centre and decentralised client known as a relayer for enterprise customers or companies to access the network. There is a private and dedicated relayer for every user consisting of a distributed client, database, and cash. Using Xa-Miner, multiple users can share and update files since it is a plug-and-play passive income device, and as long as you run the device, you can share storage in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Profits of Running ScPrime Xa-Miner

If users choose to be a part of ScPrime network’s Xa-Miner device and continue running it, this profitable and smart investment allows them to earn SCP tokens. The amount of token you will get depends on the number of months you have used Xa-Miner. Also, the rebates you will earn depend on the version you are purchasing monthly.

ScPrime Xa-Miner Main Features

Let’s take a closer look at the main features of ScPrime that make it stand out.

  • Being environmentally friendly:  Xa-Miner’s electricity use is 1kwh/ day, meaning it doesn’t use electricity a lot and decreases the energy costs to about four or five dollars a month.
  • It’s enjoying a cooling system and planning to reduce its carbon footprint
  • High privacy and safety: the coin is secured through the blockchain digital wallet. The ScPrime utility tokens are created with a Proof of Work consensus mechanism and enforce end-to-end encryption.
  • Being easy to set up: Xa-Miner doesn't necessarily have giant units and is easy to set up.

How Does Xa-Miner Work?

As the main data centre, ScPrime makes us involved with crypto. Xa-Miner is available at 16-40-64 terabytes, and it doesn't matter if we use one or two or ten devices. Xa-Miner allows us to use multiple devices in one location as a data centre, and due to sharing and providing the uptime of these devices to store people’s data, we will get rewards. Also, if we are hosting one of these devices and it goes down, we can recover all the data.

Where To Buy SCP Token And What Are Its Similar Coins?

You can purchase SCP tokens on multiple exchanges such as eToroX, SouthXchange, and ProBit Global. Chia network (XCH), Akash network, Filecoin, and Siacoin are similar coins designed to rent out space, share data and provide competition for businesses.

SCP Token VS. Filecoin

One of the most similar projects to SCP is Filecoin. Both projects have similar visions with some differences as follows:

  • ScPrime is a Proof of Work project (although it is changing to proof of stake), while Filecoin is a proof of space-time, proof of replication, and proof of stake project.
  • ScPrime’s storage capacity is smaller than Filecoin’s. Filecoin is traditional storage, and it is possible to get hacked.
  •  ScPrime has a market cap lower than Filecoin.

ScPrime (SCP) Token Financial Analysis

As of writing this post on Dec 12, 2021, SCP is currently being traded at $0.6262. Its market cap ranking is #781, with a live market cap of 25,000,000 USD. The start price was 0.0004, and the start ranking was 1060. ScPrime has a circulation supply of 39,572,785 SCP coins, but the max supply is not available. The RIO has been 1090% over the previous year and 128% over the last month. It means if you had invested $100 in SCP the previous year, you would have $1090 by now. SCP hits its all-time high at $0.985 on Nov 30, 2021, and hits its all-time low at $0.0037 on Dec 2, 2020.

Disclaimer: Don’t take this article as financial advice. You need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investment.

ScPrime Price Prediction for 2022

According to, in 2022, the price of the ScPrime’s SCP token is predicted to reach a minimum of $0.78. It can reach a maximum price of $0.93, with an average trading price of $0.80.

ScPrime Price Prediction for 2023

Experts predict that the minimum level of ScPrime’s SCP token will be at least $1.08 in 2023. Its maximum price may reach $1.33, with an average price of $1.12 throughout 2023.

ScPrime Price Prediction for 2024

In 2024, the price of ScPrime is expected to reach a minimum level of $1.63. At a maximum level, it can reach $1.91, with an average trading price of $1.68.

ScPrime Price Prediction for 2025

The price of each SCP token is predicted to reach a minimum of $2.33 in 2025. If things go based on plans, the SCP price can reach a maximum of $2.86, with an average price of $2.41 throughout 2025.

ScPrime Popularity

ScPrime’s popularity on social media increased over the last five months, with 76% growth on Twitter and 137% growth on Reddit and 3% on Telegram.

Should I Invest In ScPrime?

Although cloud storages are so trendy these days, to choose a project for investment, you should consider all the affecting factors, including hot news, pro tips, and analyses of the projects. At, we offer all the reports and key metrics you'd require before deciding to direct action. You'll find up-to-date, reliable information about the cryptocurrency market in our news section. Check us out!

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