Tara M.
Tara M.
Dec 19, 2021

PlayDapp: A Gaming Platform On Blockchain

tl;drPlayDapp is an innovative gaming platform on the blockchain, consisting of various games. It implements the PG solution to play games without cryptocurrency and supports two kinds of tokens in the platform known as PLA and NFT. The vision behind PlayDapp is to create various blockchain networks and game dApps (Decentralised Applications) to attract more non-crypto gamers and users to play and make digital assets more valuable for everyone. On December, 19, 2021, PlayDapp ranks #265 in market cap rankings and has a circulating supply of 241,594,277 PLA coins and a max supply of 700,000,000 PLA coins.
PlayDapp: A Gaming Platform On Blockchain
PlayDapp: A Gaming Platform On Blockchain
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PlayDapp Key features

Play Dapp is a truly decentralized entertainment service platform that enables developers to publish a new game dApp to target users directly without intermediaries. PlayDapp aims to provide an easy and accessible platform for gamers at any level, from individual gamers to game dApp developers. Transactions under smart contract or under digital assets within the PlayDapp are committed and processed safely. 

The First Game Developed by PlayDapp 

CryptoDozer is the first game launched by the PlayDapp platform, an online blockchain mobile game. Throughout the gameplay, users collect coins and dolls, and the dolls they earn during the game are called NFTs that are sellable via an in-game marketplace. The other games available on PlayDapp are DozerBird, Dozer Treasures, ASTA, Like Squad, Plays Scape, Town Avengers, and Blade Walts.

A Public Tool For Game Developers

PlayDapp provides a blockchain-based platform, where all gamers and game developers can adapt to the dApp platform, even if they don’t know blockchains. SDK offers an innovative solution for expanding the global blockchain ecosystem. Any game that is not on the blockchain can be converted to the PlayDapp by providing SDK without any blockchain knowledge. 

Dual Token Support

There are two types of tokens within the PlayDapp and wallet services, PLA and NFT, elaborated below.

PLA Token

PLA is the native token of the PlayDapp blockchain, which is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, used for transaction processing. Another utility of PLA is that the PlayDapp ecosystem uses PLA as a payment method for paying game developers and advertisers requiring tokens for technical support. Also, the PLA token is imputed as a reward to all the game players who connect to the PlayDapp ecosystem.

NFT Token

As a user or gamer, when you start to play the games of the PlayDapp platform, for example, CyptoDozer, each doll you earn is an NFT that uses the ERC-721 standard. It is used as in-game assets for games like CryptoDozer, DozeKeys, or other games.

How To Buy PLA Token

Another big step for PlayDapp’s native token PLA is that it has been listed on the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. It is also available at other exchanges like Coinbase, Gate.io, Crypto.com.

PlayDapp Similar Projects

Sandbox, Decentraland, and Gala are similar projects to PlayDapp that allow users to play, buy, sell, or earn coins on the blockchain. You can read more about these projects on Cryptologi.st.

PlayDapp Financial Analysis 

PLA has a market cap of $311 million, and it ranks #265 in the market cap rankings. PlayDapp has a circulating supply of 241,594,277 PLA and a max supply of 700,000,000 PLA on December 19, 2021. PLA is held in over 1400 wallets, and its ROI saw %587 growth over the last six months and %930 growth over the previous year.

PlayDapp Popularity

As a company or blockchain game platform, it's essential to achieve a high level of popularity and develop the community, especially on social media. During the five months, PlayDapp’s Twitter account had %130 growth, and its popularity on Telegram grew by %41.

Is PlayDapp A Good Investment in 2022?

PlayDapp has provided many eye-catching games and enables users to play together through the network. As an investor, it's promising for us to be in a platform that provides game assets, expands its blockchain, and introduces more solutions to make profits. However, this article should not be regarded as financial advice. You are the best advisor you can possibly have since you know your status and preference better than anyone. Having mentioned that, we at cryptologi.st are here to help you make confident decisions, so don’t miss our daily updates.

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