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Jan 16, 2023

MNDE price prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030. Is Marinade A Good Investment?

tl;drNobody can foresee the future of marinade (MNDE) price, especially in a volatile market like crypto. But sometimes, experts analyse the previous and current performance and price and predict the future price. By reading this article that tells you all about MNDE price prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030.
MNDE price prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030. Is Marinade A Good Investment?
MNDE price prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030. Is Marinade A Good Investment?
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What is MNDE token?

MNDE is the product of Marinade Finance, which is built on Solana as a non-custodial protocol to stake liquidity.

Marinade provides automated strategies for you to stake SOL tokens and receive marinated SOL or MSOL tokens, which are mainly used in DeFi.

MSOL is connected to SOL and follows its price changes, and the resulting rewards will be added to the staked SOL. Next, we talk about MNDE price predictions for 2023, 2025 and 2030.

How Does Marinade Facilitate Staking SOL?

Now that we know why we need to stake SOL, we can move on to the option that Marinade Finance offers.

Marinade allows the users to stake SOL in exchange for mSOL. MSOL tokens can be used in DeFi instead of SOL, and the SOL tokens can be kept for staking rewards! Amazing, isn’t it? Using MSOL and MNDE, you can enjoy both DeFi functionalities and staking rewards.

The SOL tokens staked via Marinade will be distributed among +450 validators selected and rebalanced by Marinade in a transparent, permissionless way.

MNDE Token Utilities

The main utility of the Marinade token, MNDE, is being used in DAO governance. A big part of MNDE tokens is reserved for the DAO and treasury reserve to create effective community governance among the users.

Prior to making the on-chain governance voting platform ready, the main contributors of the protocol will make critical decisions based on the Marinade vision and input from its community Discord. In short, the MNDE token is developed to

  • Form the DAO
  • Incentivise liquidity
  • Capitalise the treasury

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MNDE Unique Features

If you stake SOL tokens using Marinade, you 

  • Get complete control over the tokens and your associated accounts,
  • Can unlock the stake, receive a tokenised version of your asset, and use it in DeFi,
  • Can use open-sourced, permissionless delegation strategy with over 450 validators,
  • Can stake and have delayed unstake for free,
  • Use a 2% fee on your rewards, and
  • Use the governance rights.

What Does Marinade Provide For MSOL & MNDE Users?

  • The users of Marinade Finance can use MSOL and MNDE to
  • Stake SOL or be one of the liquidity providers to the SOL-mSOL pool;
  • Receive additional DeFi yields using tokenised stake positions; 
  • Participate in Marinade DAO and take part in governance activities.

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MNDE In Marinade DAO

The community builds and governs Marinade Finance by having MNDE tokens or being active in the community, making users a member of Marinade DAO. To learn what DAO is, check out this detailed article.

Also, if you’re interested in DAOs, take a look at these projects.

  • Snowbank DAO
  • Klima DAO
  • Phonon DAO
  • Manchester United Soccer DAO

MNDE Financial Analysis

Launched on Oct 7, 2021, the MNDE token enables the users to participate in the Marinade protocol and treasury governance. MNDE token details are as follows:

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MNDE
  • Circulating Supply: Chek stats here
  • Mint Address: MNDEFzGvMt87ueuHvVU9VcTqsAP5b3fTGPsHuuPA5ey
  • Misting Disabled

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MNDE Tokenomics

The allocation of MNDE tokens is as follows:

  • 35% for DAO Distribution
  • 35% for DAO Treasury
  • 30% for the Team
DAO Distribution - 35%
DAO Treasury - 35%
Team - 30%
MNDE Tokenomics


ROI (Return on Investment) is an index indicating a token’s lucrativeness in varied time frames. Let’s check the MNDE ROI and see how beneficial the token has been in the recent year, month, week, and 24 hours.

  • MNDE Annual ROI: -68.62%
  • MNDE Monthly ROI: 9.24%

MNDE ’s yearly ROI is way lower than similar projects, which hit a total ROI of 9,093,863% during the time frame.

Marinade exceeded in similar projects, which had -72% growth over the past year.Marinade underperformed in crypto market, which had 9093863% growth over the past year.

Don’t forget that the bear market situation worsens the returns, and many projects have experienced the same downtrends during the recent year) before investment.

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MNDE Price Prediction

Nobody can foresee the future, especially in a volatile market like crypto. But sometimes, experts analyse the previous and current performance and price and predict the future price of given crypto projects

 It’s no secret that these are merely predictions and not facts. You need to do your own research and consider your priority and preferences before investing. The following sections provide the price prediction for MSOL and MNDE in the coming years.

MNDE Price Prediction For 2023

The average price of MSOL is predicted to reach $94.64 throughout 2023. Its minimum and maximum price can reach $91.32 and $109.36, respectively.

The average trading price of each Marinade token, MNDE, is expected to revolve around $0.26 throughout 2023. It can hit a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $0.30.

MNDE Price Prediction For 2024

The average trading price of each MSOL token is expected to reach $138.85. Pessimistically, its price can hit a minimum of $135.07, and optimistically, it can reach a maximum of $156.90.

In 2024, the average price to trade MNDE is predicted to be $0.37. At the minimum level, it can be $0.36, and at the maximum, it can hit $0.43.

MNDE Price Prediction For 2025

The average price to trade one MSOL is expected to be $211.74 throughout 2025. Its minimum and maximum price are expected to reach $206.19 and $239.48, respectively.

The average price of one MNDE is expected to reach $0.53 throughout 2025. Crypto experts predict that its minimum and maximum price can reach $0.51 and $0.63, respectively.

How Popular Is Marinade Financial On Socia Media?

Regarding popularity, MSOL has progressed on Twitter with a 21% growth in the recent six months. However, popularity charts show no progress for MSOL on Telegram and Reddit.

Should I Invest In Marinade Protocol?

On the positive side, Marinade offers a good solution to a common problem and has a detailed whitepaper, showing the team’s focus and dedication to the project.

On the negative side, the ROI has not been so promising recently, but it is not the end! Remember that the two tokens (MSOL and MNDE) have different market cap ranks, and things may change drastically in the future.

The price predictions paint a better future for this project, and we should consider many factors before saying YES to investing in any project. has provided everything you need to make confident crypto decisions.

You can have access to a free screener tool to compare various projects, put them on your watchlist to control their changes, and read the related news and articles to monitor the crypto market closely. Stay in touch with us to stay updated!

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