Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?

tl;drBoson Protocol is a decentralised base to provide autonomous exchanges on the Ethereum Network. This is what you may read about many crypto projects these days, but here we’ll learn what differentiates Boson Protocol from similar projects. We’ll also answer the questions “What Is Boson Protocol?” and “Is Boson Protocol a good investment?” But that’s not all. We’ll help you learn all about Boson Protocol price prediction and how to buy Boson Protocol if you fancy investing in it. Keep scrolling as this is the article you can’t miss!
Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?
Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?
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What Is Boson Protocol?

Boson Protocol strives to be an open, public infrastructure layer for commercial transactions and their related data. Boson Protocol is designed to create a decentralised trade system to share value among all participants. Boson Protocol enables a decentralised commerce ecosystem where all participants share the value they make. The protocol aims to automate processes using NFTs encoded with game theory. The team has named this system “decentralised autonomous commerce”. Boson Protocol is a peer-to-peer system that keeps the advantages of a market intermediary and removes the disadvantages of centralised systems. It looks pretty futuristic, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ll also talk about Boson Protocol Price Prediction in 2025.

Boson Crypto Unique Features

The Boson Crypto

How Does Boson Crypto Work?
How Does Boson Crypto Work?

How Does Boson Crypto Work?

The Boson Crypto is comprised of five modular and substitutable components as follows.

  1.  A commitment to create a commercial exchange, which is represented as a tokenised voucher
  2. A mechanism to coordinate commercial exchange autonomously
  3. A token model to incentivise the users and distribute value
  4. A Web 3.0 data marketplace to monetise the data
  5. A growing governance system to control the protocol

Boson Crypto Use Cases

To answer the question “Is Boson Protocol a good investment?” we need to see how it can be used and what problems it solves. Let’s see.

To learn the details of each of these use cases, check the Boson Crypto Whitepaper.

What Is the BOSON Token?

The Boson ecosystem has the BOSON Token as its core economic unit, which is used to govern the platform, incentivise the users and share the value created. Don’t worry! We’ll get to the Boson Protocol Price Prediction you’re looking for shortly!

Boson Token Tokenomics

Financial charts at indicate that Boson Protocol’s liquidity score is currently 28%, way below the market’s average, making it a hard sell in bearish markets. Today, on Jul 27, 2022, the Boson Protocol's price is $0.245963 with a 24-hour trading volume of $788,300, which has been up 10.0%. Its circulating supply is 87 Million BOSON Tokens, with a total supply of 200 Million. Its current price is -95.4% lower than its all-time high of $5.36 on Apr 9, 2021, and 29.6% higher than its all-time low of $0.188826 on Jul 2, 2022. The tokenomics details are presented in the following image. Let’s also check out the crypto experts’ opinions on Boson Protocol price prediction for the coming years.

Boson Token Tokenomics
Boson Token Tokenomics

Boson Protocol Price Prediction for 2022

Crypto experts predict that by 2022, the average price of each BOSON token can reach $0.51. If the bear market doesn’t hit harder, it is predicted that the maximum price of the Boson Protocol token can hit $0.53 in 2022.

Boson Protocol Price Prediction for 2023

In 2023, the average trading price of the Boson Protocol token will be $0.73, with a maximum price of $0.86.

Boson Protocol Price Prediction for 2024

If the bull run starts and impacts the market, the average price of BOSON can reach $1.06, which can beat the latest price trend and reach new highs.

Boson Protocol Price Prediction for 2025

Experts predict that 2025 can be the year for the Boson Protocol price to skyrocket and reach the maximum price of $1.75 in 2025. If things go smoothly, we may see an average price of $1.60 for BOSON.

How Is Boson Protocol Governed? What Is Boson Protocol DAO?

The Boson Protocol is governed based on a three-phase model, including start-up, scale-up and DAO. the process is intended to enable fair and equitable distribution of ownership, value and control. The ultimate goal of the Boson Protocol is to be governed by the community in the long run. Thanks to the Boson DAO structure, the users will use the Boson Protocol Crypto (BOSON token) to decide which projects to fund and what applications to build.

How To Buy Boson Protocol?

The users can get BOSON in two main ways: Earn Boson Token and Buy Boson Crypto. Here’s how:


By participating in development bounties and competitions or being an active community member, the users can earn BOSON Token.


‍The Boson Protocol Token is ready for buying and selling for FIAT or cryptocurrencies on multiple trustworthy exchanges. Currently, is one of the active exchanges to trade the Boson Protocol. A list of other trusted exchanges that support BOSON Token is provided at CoinMarketCap.

What Is Boson Wallet?

Boson Wallet is the wallet software created by the Boson Protocol. Using the Boson Wallet, the users can store and manage their BOSON token, i.e., the Boson Token can be stored in a blockchain, and the users will access the cryptocurrency using their public or private keys. Like any other crypto wallet, the Boson wallet allows the users to keep, send, receive, exchange, etc.

How To Set Up A Boson Wallet?

Setting up a Boson Wallet is easy and can be done instantly. To set up a Boson wallet, the users need to follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play or visit a web app.
  • Sign up with your email, cell number, or accounts on Google or Facebook.
  • Choose a password and PIN code.
  • Add BOSON wallet from the list of the coins.
  • Tada! Your Boson wallet is ready for use.

Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?

Data retrieved from financial charts indicate that Boson Protocol is currently held in almost 6000 wallets, which have conducted over 81,600 transactions. Boson’s ROI (Return on Investment) has been -73% in the recent year, indicating that your $100 investment in Boson a year ago would result in losing 73% of your money, leaving you with only $27. Similar projects have shown -28% growth over the same period, but the crypto has resulted in a 915% growth during the same time. To make smart investment decisions, check these metrics regularly, have the coin on your watchlist to monitor its changes, use the free screening tool to compare it with other projects, and read the related news and educational articles. Here at, we provide all this and more, so you’re not alone in the investing process!

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