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Jul 31, 2022

Boson Price Prediction 2025 and 2030, Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?

tl;drIf you consider investing in Boson Protocol, you’ll need the Boson price prediction 2025 and 2030 we offer here! Boson Protocol is a decentralised base to provide autonomous exchanges on the Ethereum Network. Focusing on Boson token price prediction, this article will answer the questions: “What Is Boson Protocol?” and “Is Boson Protocol a good investment?”. Not only these, but it’ll help you learn all about Boson Protocol price prediction and how to buy Boson Protocol.
Boson Price Prediction 2025 and 2030, Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?
Boson Price Prediction 2025 and 2030, Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?
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What Is Boson Protocol?

Boson Protocol is an efficient public infrastructure layer and optimistic fair-exchange protocol for commercial transactions and their related data.

Enabling the decentralised commercial exchange of any material object, Boson Protocol is a peer-to-peer system that keeps the advantages of a market intermediary and removes the disadvantages of centralised systems. 

The protocol aims to automate processes using NFTs encoded with game theory. The team has named this system “decentralised autonomous commerce”. It looks pretty futuristic, doesn’t it? That’s why we’ll also talk about Boson Price Prediction 2025.

How Does Boson Crypto Work?

Boson price prediction 2025 is directly related to how Boson works. 

The protocol is comprised of five modular and substitutable components as follows.

  1. A commitment to create a commercial exchange, represented as a tokenised voucher
  2. A mechanism to coordinate commercial exchange autonomously
  3. A token model to incentivise the users and distribute value
  4. A Web 3.0 data marketplace to monetise the data
  5. A growing governance system to control the protocol

What Is Boson Token?

The Boson ecosystem has the BOSON Token as its core economic unit. It is an ERC20-based token extended on the Ethereum blockchain, which is used to govern the platform, incentivise the users and share the value created.          Don’t worry! We’ll get to the Boson Price Prediction 2025 you’re looking for shortly!

Price History

  • The Boson Protocol token came into the picture with an initial value of $5.08 on Apr 09, 2021, and recorded its highest price at the same time.
  • After three months of its peak price, Boson's value dropped sharply and went from $5 to $0.5!
  • From Jul 2021, the token strived to recover and finally, its value got back to $4.17 on Nov 17, 2021. However, similar to other cryptocurrencies, it faced repeated deep collapse and achieved its lowest value of $0.168 on Nov 14, 2022.
  • Today, on Dec 1, 2022, the Boson Protocol's price is $0.253, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,742,193, showing a 16% increase. Its current price is 91.4% lower than its All-Time High and 29.6% higher than its All-Time Low. 

The tokenomics details are presented in the following chart.

Boson Token Financial Analysis

Below are some vital factors to consider when checking Boson’s financial analysis and Boson Protocol price prediction.

Boson Tokenomics

Boson has a total supply of 200,000,000 tokens distributed among buyers, network participation, rewards and airdrop. Also, it is widely distributed across the community of protocol users, ensuring alignment of incentives and robust governance.

To answer the question "Is Boson Protocol a good investment?" we need to see how it can be used and what problems it solves. Here are the BOSON token’s use cases.

  • Online Commerce
  • Voucher distribution of non-monetary value
  • Machine-to-machine commerce
  • Loyalty and rewards
  • Games
  • Gaming
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Service bookings
  • Tokenised networks


Boson Token’s current ROI is -%89, meaning that over the past year, the Boson token price has decreased by %89 and investing $100 in Boson would only leave you $11 after a year.


In cryptocurrency and blockchain, market cap refers to the total market value of a cryptocurrency’s circulating supply. Boson protocol’s current ranking is #517, with a live market cap of $22,300,232.


The Boson token achieved its All-Time High (ATH) at $5.36 on the first day of its launch on Apr 09, 2021. It also recorded its lowest value (ATL) at $0.16 on Nov 14, 2022.

Boson Token Fundamental Analysis

Let’s discover who is in the background of Boson protocol and how popular it is. Then, we’ll also check out the crypto experts’ opinions on the Boson Protocol price prediction for the coming years.


Greg Borosa and Justin Banon created the Boson Protocol as the world's open, public infrastructure layer for commercial transactions and their data.


Cryptologist popularity charts for Boson protocol indicate that Boson’s Telegram growth rate has been -%13 in the past six months. In addition, its Reddit and Twitter accounts do not seem to be functioning properly, with a 0% growth rate during the same period.

Boson Token Price Prediction 2023

Crypto experts predict that by 2023, each BOSON token can reach an average price of $0.30 and a minimum value of $0.29. If the bear market doesn’t hit harder, it is predicted that the maximum price of the Boson Protocol token can reach $0.33 in 2023.

Boson Token Price Prediction 2024

Considering the latest data from various price actions, we can expect an average price of $0.44, a minimum of $0.43 and a maximum value of $0.50 for Boson Token in 2024.

Boson Token  Price Prediction 2025 

Experts predict that 2025 can be the year for the Boson Protocol price to skyrocket and reach a maximum price of $0.75. If things go smoothly, we may see an average price of $0.66 for BOSON.

Other market analysts and experts believe that the Boson price prediction 2025 will see a maximum of $1.08. The price of each BOSON token may reach a trading average of $1.05 by the end of the year. It can also fall to a low level of $0.91 in 2025.

Boson Token Price Prediction 2030

According to the data from price actions and financial charts for Boson Protocol price prediction 2030, we can predict a minimum price of $3.87 for BOSON tokens. The price of each Boson token can rise to a maximum of $4.01, with an average trading price of $4.65.

Boson Protocol Price Prediction 2023 to 2030

The following image illustrates the Boson Protocol price prediction from 2023 to 2030. If you’re considering investing in BOSON, take a good look at it!

Boson Protocol Price Prediction 2025 and Beyond
Boson Protocol Price Prediction 2025 and Beyond

Is Boson Protocol A Good Investment?

Data retrieved from Cryptologist financial charts indicate that Boson Protocol is currently held in almost 7000 wallets, which have conducted over 81,600 transactions.

Boson’s yearly ROI (Return on Investment) is -89%, indicating that your $100 investment in Boson a year ago would result in losing 89% of your money, leaving you with only $11.

However, similar projects have shown a %1400 growth over the same period.

This sharp drop in Boson’s value means that the coin is in a dip right now, and also, with a liquidity score of %28, it couldn't be a confident investment for the short term if you are looking for virtual currencies with a good return.


Crypto users usually have various questions about crypto projects, and Boson Protocol is no exception. Below, we’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Boson price prediction 2025 and more.

What Does BOSON Protocol Do?

Boson Protocol is a peer-to-peer system which has been active since 2019, aiming to provide a decentralised infrastructure for enabling autonomous commercial exchanges on Ethereum.

When Was BOSON Protocol Launched?

Boson protocol was founded in 2019 and was open to trade in Apr 2021.

Can I Stake BOSON Protocol?

Yes. The protocol offers holders to obtain the capacity to vote and generate income by staking Boson tokens.

Who Owns BOSON Protocol?

The Boson Protocol was founded by Greg Borosa and Justin Banon.

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