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Feb 23, 2022

Is Achain A Safe Investment In 2022?

tl;drAchain (ACT) is another Chinese blockchain project delivering innovation. With the help of Achain, you can create a world where people are directly connected, trusted, collaborative, peer-to-peer-exchanged and value-driven under social consensuses. As the ecosystem of Achain is filled with world-class DApps and Parallel Chains built for the future of the Internet, it is a must to acquire more information about this project. Here’s everything you need to know about Achain fork technology, as well as this project’s mission, technical features, ecosystem, and more.
Is Achain A Safe Investment In 2022?
Is Achain A Safe Investment In 2022?
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What Is Achain (ACH) In Brief?

Achain is a blockchain project working to create a boundless blockchain universe. It was launched in 2015 and develops a dynamic, user-friendly, low-cost, and customisable blockchain network by providing cutting-edge virtual machine designs, value exchange protocol, smart sandbox, and forking mechanism. At its heart, this blockchain intends to use technical solutions to address many of the problems that now plague blockchains. In addition to focusing on metrics such as transactions per second, the project strives to increase blockchain compatibility. This interoperability bridges the blockchain and non-blockchain worlds in a way that is accessible to mainstream users.

What Is the Innovation of Achain?

According to Achain, as technological progress generates a new production relation network, it will overcome the problem of interpersonal communication trust and organically merge societal consensuses, value exchange into an inseparable totality, and individual conduct. Developers of all levels can use this public blockchain platform to construct blockchain systems, smart contracts, and decentralised applications. Learn all about smart contracts and decentralised applications. According to the project's whitepaper, Achain's cutting-edge designs enable it to attain, and even exceed, 1000 TPS.

Which Innovation Makes Achain a Promising Project?

Given the current state of blockchain initiatives, Achain has the potential to bring about much-needed technical advancements. The protocol's unique RDPoS consensus algorithm, and the ability to easily create an Achain fork, make it a promising project. It will be fascinating to observe how Achain builds on its achievements and how the team continues to craft a long-term strategy to strengthen the protocol's technical capabilities and expand involvement in its ecosystem.

The Achain Technology

Achain is dedicated to establishing a global blockchain network to exchange information and value transactions. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Achain establishes node consensus via a modified version of DPoS called RDPoS (Result-delegated Proof of Stake). In a nutshell, DPoS proposes that all coin holders vote for the validator nodes to generate the following blocks. Furthermore, Achain's DPoS consensus algorithm (RDPoS ) uses fewer resources and improves the overall network's transaction performance and other network metrics in the same security condition.

The Roadmap Achain Plans To Pass Through!

In 2020, Achain Galaxy made significant progress, with Aurora, Eminer, and Attila joining the Achain Galaxy. Now, this platform will continue to preserve the three-stage existing roadmap:

  1. Singularity (single blockchain network),
  2. Galaxy (multi-blockchain network), and
  3. Cosmos (cross-chain network).

At the same time, the team is going to launch Achain Hub and Achain Gateway. The development roadmap for Achain is pretty clear, and the majority of the objectives are outlined. However, they are development-related rather than marketing or design-related. Nonetheless, concentrating on making the protocol compatible and developing technologies more accessible to mass adoption could be regarded as the marketing-oriented aspect of this initiative.

Investment Analysts’ Idea On Achain

Weiss Research, a cryptocurrency investment research organisation, has given Achain a "D" overall rating, a "D" technology and adoption rating, and a "C-" market performance rating.

ACT Currency Information

ACT is the native token of the Achain platform. Achain is a proof-of-stake (PoS) currency, implying that blocks on the Achain blockchain are not mined using Bitcoin-style hashing algorithms. Instead, coins are earned through "staking" or running a master node on the network. Learn the core ideas on hash rate.


The following coins utilise the same hashing algorithm (ETH Token) as Achain: Polygon, Solana, Binance, Dai, Coin, Chainlink, FTX, THETA, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Fantom.

What Are The Main principles In Achain?

There are four primary principles that Achain blockchain sticks to, which are as follows:

  • Stability
  • Safety
  • Scalability
  • Ease of use

Achain Financial Analysis

ACT trading price started at around $0.23 in August 2017. Then the price began to rise and peaked in February at $1.38. Then, this coin experienced a decreasing trend. Currently, on Feb 23, 2022, the ACT price is about $0.01, which is 98% lower than its ATH (all-time high) price. Also, ACT has been performing well technically, meaning the projects on Achain platform with a public Github account have more transparency and reliability. It's best to invest in projects with multiple contributors and commits. It should be mentioned that the ACT’s number of contributors is 11, and the number of stars in GitHub is almost 177. Moreover, the number of forks reached 60, demonstrating the platform is on its way to success!

ACT’s ROI and Popularity

ACT's ROI over the past year was -67%, which is not a good performance. However, over the last month, this coin had a positive profit for those invested in February 2022. ACT has a liquidity score of -29%, and it holds the 1083rd rank of market capitalisation. Recently, ACT experienced a sudden jump in popularity. Its Telegram channel users increased 95%! However, the Twitter growth rate and the Reddit users increased by only 1%.

In Conclusion

Before investing in any crypto project, there are several factors to consider. Furthermore, other crypto initiatives require time to develop and are not well-suited in the crypto market. We at make it easier for you to make confident financial decisions by facilitating the process of comparing thousands of coins. We take care of all the hard work for you and deliver the most up-to-date coin reviews and news right at your fingertips!

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