VIDYA: An Intro To Its Vaporwave World

tl;drVIDYA is a DeFi gaming token and escrow solution for PvP games, esports betting, and wagering. VIDYA token is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum and is the medium of exchange to the system. There are currently about 2,300 wallets with VIDYA. Its return on investment (ROI) over the past year has been 688%, and it currently has a $9 million market cap with a max supply of 50,000,000, of which 38 million tokens are in circulation. It ranks #1159 in market cap rankings.
VIDYA: An Intro To Its Vaporwave World
VIDYA: An Intro To Its Vaporwave World
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Innovations of VYDIA

Vidya has an impressive website design with vaporwave aesthetics which is inspired by 80’s computer games and movies. Also, Vidya has integrated with Polygon to bring almost-free transactions to the whole ecosystem.

TeamOS: A Gateway to Vidya Games

This term refers to website and delivers Team3D products through its great UI. TeamOS is the gateway to Vidya’s games and programs. No installing and signups are required to start with TeamOS; a browser and a Web3 wallet are all the user needs. Users can check holdings, stats, cross-game inventory, and plenty of other unique information to the public key you use to connect with TeamOS. You can also play with other players, check market data, trade VIDYA, and keep updated on the project.

Game Mechanics

All Video games are free-to-play, but VIDYA token is required to purchase in-game loot and/or use play-to-win mode. All the games are browser-based and can be run on an average computer without any vigorous GPU. Also, if anyone is suspected of cheating, users can report them. Players can use the post-game replay and report any cheater. Cheaters will be blocked from tournaments by their earned reputation score. Even though cheating can never be erased entirely from the game equation, it is undoubtedly difficult for cheaters to find users to play with.


To enter the game, Web3 users can create lobbies. But before doing so, they must pick the deposit other users must make before joining their lobby. Newcomers will be charged to start the lobby, secure the initial wager, and enter other players, and users will be refunded in the event of a lobby closure. If the match is completed, staking fees will be deducted from the pool.

What Vydia DeFi Platform is All About

There is no doubt the project has a unique aesthetic, and the team has put much time into the interface, but it doesn’t mean they’re not any better in financial aspects. VIDYA token provides unique markets and economic models by utilizing deflationary mechanics, non-fungibility, item degradation, and token staking.

Technical Review

With decentralized open-source software hosted on Ethereum blockchain in the form of smart contracts as escrow for player’s wagers, holding them upon deposit and releasing them upon completion of prerequisite conditions agreed to on entry. Each session is subject to a rake from the pool distributed among VIDYA stakers, who will receive rewards proportional to the number of tokens they’ve deposited and held within the staking platform. Games will be able to quickly implement the immutable intermediary, with the requirement of interacting with the contracts via the Web3 user interface and using VIDYA tokens.


The medium of exchange for VIDYA-based platforms is the VIDYA token. It is a liquid, market-backed ERC-20 token on Ethereum. VIDYA provides entertainment and finance together as one to a market of decentralized products and services.

VIDYA ROI and Market Cap

Upon writing this post on Nov 23, 2021, there are currently about 2,300 wallets with VIDYA. In the last 24 hours, the trading volume has been about $288,000, meaning this amount of VIDYA has been traded and circulated. VIDYA’s return on investment (ROI) has been 688% over the last year. In simpler terms, if you had invested $100 last year, you would have $688 by now! However, similar projects in the “NFT” and “Gaming” categories had 3,141% ROI during the same timespan.VIDYA market cap is approximately $9 million with a max supply of 50,000,000, all of which is in circulation. VIDYA ranks #1159 in market cap.

The token didn’t have much volatility until March 2021, and the price was about $0.02 back then. With a couple of pumps, VIDYA hit its all-time high of $0.5 in late May. The current price range is around $0.2 at the time of writing this post on Nov 23, 2021. You can purchase VIDYA via Uniswap V2, QuickSwap, and CoinW.

Is VYDIA A GOOD Gaming Crypto To Invest In?

Overall, the technology and price action looks promising. However, no one can decide on investments better than yourself. We are no financial advisors, and what we’re providing on is for educational purposes only. We have gathered everything you need for making investment decisions all in one place.

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