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Mar 06, 2023

Horizen Price Prediction: Is ZEN Coin A Worthy Investment?

tl;drBlockchains are either very public, too slow, or overly centralised. With its mix of privacy mechanisms, nodes, and sidechains, Horizen seeks to overcome all three problems. The platform aims to give developers and businesses a fast and inexpensive option to build their public or private blockchains. Let's explore this project more closely, evaluate what it offers, and then analyse the Horizen (ZEN coin) price predictions for 2023, 2025 and 2030.
Horizen Price Prediction: Is ZEN Coin A Worthy Investment?
Horizen Price Prediction: Is ZEN Coin A Worthy Investment?
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What Is Horizen?

Before going for Horizen (ZEN coin) price prediction, we need to know all about the project, the technology, vision, and plans.

Horizen is a network of blockchains that supports zero knowledge and is backed by the largest node infrastructure in the industry.

The Zendoo system enables blockchain interoperability, which leverages SNARK verification and offers complete flexibility in sidechain type, speed, consensus, and privacy.

With a throughput limit of 10,000,000 TPS, the network now supports up to 10,000 sidechains, enabling huge cryptographic chain verification scalability.

Horizen (ZEN) is a unique cryptocurrency that emerged as a fork of ZClassic, a fork of Zcash.

The founders, Robert Viglione and Rolf Versluis rebranded ZenCash to Horizen in 2018 as they aimed to solve issues related to privacy, scalability, and security.

Horizen cryptocurrency operates on a multi-tiered node network, where not all nodes play the same role. They aim to create a decentralized platform for private messaging, publishing, and dApp development by building privacy solutions for smart contracts.

What is ZEN Coin?

ZEN has two types of addresses: T-Addresses and Z-Addresses. T-Addresses are regular addresses that show an account's transaction history. On the other hand,Z-Addresses utilize zero-knowledge proofs where transactions between them don’t reveal any information about the transaction or user identity, making it completely anonymous.

Horizen’s sidechains operate on Super Nodes, which utilize special encryption techniques to prevent snooping during secure node communication.

The Horizen team is focused on developing sidechain technology that facilitates dApp development while remaining scalable with over 30k nodes in the chain’s mainnet.

A significant benefit of Horizen is its ability to transfer mainchains and individual sidechains seamlessly, making it easier for users to interact within different chains.

Project Background!

Knowing the project's background can help us better predict Horizen prices. Horizen, formerly known as ZenCash, joined the crypto industry at the end of May 2017 (no ICO and no pre-mine).

This digital currency is the outcome of the hard fork of ZClassic, which itself resulted from the Zcash fork.

As part of the brand renovation, ZenCash was renamed Horizen in August 2018. ZEN's founders and team are international individuals with a wide range of related experience.

The company strives to make the Horizen platform accessible to everyone so that anybody can create privacy-based applications with the potential of making money. Thanks to this effort, Horizen can serve the mass market with actual services.

Zendo As A Use Case For Horizen Price Prediction

All features of the ecosystem can directly affect the Horizen price prediction. Zendoo is one of the features that directly influence the Horizen price trend.

Horizen is transformed into a permissionless blockchain network by Zendoo. Using several SDKs, developers can integrate their blockchains into the ecosystem.

IOHK's provably secure Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake protocol is used by the initial set of SDKs, Blaze, and Latus, to deploy blockchains.

While Latus employs a recursive SNARK composition for complete decentralisation, Blaze enables high-speed chains that can run up to 1,000 TPS and declare their certifiers.

The next batch of SDKs will support Ethereum-inspired smart contracts by integrating EVM.

Horizen's Unique Features!

Blockchain technology based on zero knowledge is Horizen's expertise. The team has made numerous strides in the field of cryptography, including introducing one of the first zero-knowledge-based scaling solutions and their Ginger-Lib zero-knowledge privacy tool library.

Several features that can affect Horizen price prediction are mentioned in the following.

  • With the help of a unique sidechain solution offered by the Horizen blockchain network, developers can create their scalable blockchains that support tens of thousands of transactions per second while preserving full decentralisation over tens of thousands of nodes.
  • Horizen provides unique privacy capabilities.
  • Horizen's features, like sidechain architecture called Zendoo make it possible to deploy hundreds of separate sidechains that communicate with the mainchain and each other.
  • With programs like Zen Improvement Proposals and the Horizen Community Council, Horizen is working toward becoming fully decentralised on a governance level. To standardise the process of suggesting significant modifications to the Horizen ecosystem and code base, Horizen employs the ZenIP process.
  • The "Horizen Academy" is a unique educational initiative by Horizen. Its primary objective is to spread awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The ZEN network contains tools that allow users to send messages to other users and conduct private or public transactions. These tools are Sphere and ZenChat by Horizen.

Horizen Network Security

Security is the main parameter that directly influences Horizen price prediction. Horizen uses a hybrid of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake.

On the Horizen network, each PoS sidechain is tied to the mainchain and operates simultaneously. All blockchains created on the network use the mainchain as a "truth engine."

For secure inter-node communication, the Horizen blockchain network employs secure nodes that are TLS encrypted.

The consensus method used by ZEN, Equihash, enables ASIC mining and provides shielded transactions, which can hide the sender, receiver, and value being sent.

The Mission Of The Ecosystem!

The primary mission is to support real use cases with the most secure interoperable blockchain ecosystem to ensure data integrity and privacy freedom, which can influence Horizen price prediction.

Also, utilising its unique sidechain technology, Zendoo, Horizen's sidechain platform, focuses on scalable data privacy and allows developers to create custom public or private blockchains.

Horizen Ecosystem Disadvantages

  • Volatility and regular exchange rate drops
  • The ZEN roadmap needs to be more transparent and more precise.

Horizen Financial Analysis

Now that we have reviewed various aspects of Horizen and familiarised ourselves with the ecosystem, we can proceed to talk about Horizen price prediction.

ZEN, the native cryptocurrency of Horizen, is a mineable PoW coin that can be traded on major platforms, including Coinbase, Bittrex, and Binance. ZEN can be staked to participate in Horizen's nearly 50,000 full-node network.

Horizen, with the symbol ZEN, is a cryptocurrency project or a kind of crypto asset holding the current market cap rank #234 and a live market cap of $143,100,003.

Horizen has a Circulating Supply of about 13,372,412.5 and a Total Supply of 21,000,000. Today, the Horizen price is $10.1 with a 24hr trading volume of $87,301,397.4 indicating a -1.73% decrease in ZEN price.

The current price of Horizen is 93.59% lower than its All-Time High of $165.92 on 08 May. 2021, but it is undefined higher than its All-Time Low of $3.26 on undefined.

Horizen Popularity!

The other variable influencing Horzen coin price is the project performance and popularity on social media and the community's size.

Over the last six months, the Horizen official Twitter account has seen only 5% growth, and Reddit has had only 3% growth, indicating that over the previous six months, ZEN needed help to gather the attention of the crypto market.

Horizen Price Prediction For 2023

Horizen (ZEN) is a cryptocurrency that has been hovering around the $11 mark, with some resistance expected if it reaches the minimum price level of $14. While predictions for the future of Horizen are uncertain due to potential industry changes or political shifts, this crypto coin has shown resilience and consistency nonetheless.

Global economics may also impact Horizen's performance on exchanges. However, it remains to be seen whether or not these next three years will be a golden era for Horizen.

Horizen Price Prediction For 2025

Other factors, such as region-specific changes, can also impact its value. Despite any fluctuations, however, it is clear that Horizen's trajectory is on an upward trend.

Some speculate that the coin will experience a bullish cycle by 2025 and may even reach a high of $49 compared to its digital counterparts.

With strides towards setting records and maintaining stability in today's market environment, Horizen is poised to leave a lasting mark in the digital asset ecosystem.

Horizen Price Prediction For 2030

According to predictions based on ZNT, there is expected to be a bullish pattern that will drive the average price of Horizen and likely maintain a minimum price of $55.

This can be seen as good news for traders and individual investors who are looking for an attractive investment opportunity.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the ZEN coin trend reflects a bullish trajectory for 2028 and potentially beyond.

There's anticipated growth in Horizen pricing, with possibilities of hitting maximal peaks at $92 before experiencing sharp but short-lived drops to crucial support levels.

The ZEN coin likely to sustains its vital support level at $72 by the end of 2028, as per our analysis. For 2029, our long-term prediction for ZEN prices remains optimistic, where prices may hit $105 if they break past psychological resistance levels.

The crypto community looks forward to even more significant gains as developers and engineers create more decentralized applications on this platform.

Based on current trends reflecting significant promising advances, we predict the ZEN price may reach $129 by 2030 while continually seeing upward momentum.

Final Remarks

That's all there is to say about the Horizen platform, features and price prediction. Everything we've put together will help you think clearly and invest wisely. When the bear market remains strong, as it is right now, it is an excellent opportunity to level up your knowledge and understand the technical details of the top 1500 crypto projects. You can find worthy projects and invest more confidently with the free Screener tool and its easy-to-use Watchlist. Check us out for more high-tech tools to streamline your coin hunt!

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