Exeedme (XED): Blockchain, DeFi and NFT

tl;drExeedme is a blockchain-powered tournament platform supporting gamers at all talent levels to monetize their experiences and skills. XEDs' Return On Investment (ROI) has been -6.668% over the last month, the Market Cap is about $50M, and it ranks #667 in the market.
Exeedme (XED): Blockchain, DeFi and NFT
Exeedme (XED): Blockchain, DeFi and NFT
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What is Exeedme (XED)?

Exeedme is a blockchain, DeFi, and NFT innovation built on Polkadot. It will leave Pee-To-Peer gamer skill and Item Economies to emerge. These economies will be Gamer-Centric and focused on rewarding players in the first place.

Their vision is to make a good and trusted Play-to-Earn Polkadot-powered gaming platform, where gamers can play their favorite games, challenge an opponent, and gauge their victory, –enabling all players to form money off their skills.

Who Owns Exeedme (XED)?

Francisco Varela and Nuno Fernandes teamed up to develop this innovative idea of rewarding gamers for their devotion and skills in playing the sport they love.

To truly make sure the project caters to the professional gamer, their Head of Engineering,- Arlindo Torres, a game analyst, and professional. Exeedme has also Ricardo "FOX" Pacheco Miguel, knowledgeable and world champion, as their Ambassador.

Exeedme Token Utility (XED)

Exeedme Token is a gaming platform that empowers XED holders with:

  • Game Mining: Gamers can collect XED and NFTs by playing, growing their ranking position, or completing milestones by staking XED or providing liquidity., Players can also unlock XED and NFT rewards collected to support their activity on the platform.
  • Access: XED gives provides tournaments, leagues, high stakes, lower fees, and Defi exclusive opportunities. Organizers, stake XED to form communities and organize tournaments and leagues. The more XED will be the larger event.
  • Own: It allows gamers to drive and govern the longer term of the Exeedme platform.

Exeedme (XED) Key Features

  • Exeedme's technology will enable most money flows in its economy to travel to gamers of all skill levels.
  • Now, gamers do not need to be professionals to earn money playing video games.
  • Exeedme's technology will democratize the computer game monetization industry and permit new entrants to leap in. They are going to keep things fair with anti-cheat and robust matchmaking systems.
  • Exeedme uses blockchain to monetize skills through digital currencies.
  • Its asset with open market dynamics gives gamers a superior sense of ownership and control.
  • It will create new revenue streams for gamers, i.e., they earn with their winnings; earn crypto rewards for their engagement; and make NFTs with their progress like trophies, collectibles, and in-game assets they own and might trade or monetize.

Unique Ways to take advantage of Exeedme

Exeedme holds several advantages over the old gaming models; a number of them are as follows:

  • Exeedme's XED tokens are much better than participation trophies that other games reward. Irrespective of the game's outcome, a gamer is assured that earning a token will be spent. Whenever there's a play the gamer wins, XED tokens are mined.
  • Newly-minted XED and made NFTs will also be earned just by progressing in a very game's tournament or winning it. They won when a gamer reaches a milestone, completes a replacement mission, or achieves a better ranking.
  • XED and NFT tokens are earned, traded, or monetized, making it a perfect earning method.

The Best Exchange Platforms And Similar Coins

Currently, some of the top exchanges for trading Exeedme (XED) on centralized exchanges (CEX) include BinanceGate.io, and KuCoin. You can also use decentralized exchanges (DEX) have PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

Similar projects to Exeedme are Axie InfinityThe Sandbox, and Decentraland, which are all Play to Earn, Gaming, and Gambling projects.

How Does Exeedme (XED) Work?

On Exeedme, players can:

  • choose your favorite game to play;
  • determine bets and fund them with encryption;
  • challenge friends and other opponents or automatically use the "match" system to match players with similar skill levels;
  • bet on themselves to win;
  • collect your prize winnings after they succeed, and;
  • use the meld feature that allows Exeedme to search out a meld between players of a comparable skill level.

Ways to Win EXD

The three main ways to induce paid on Exeedme are:

  1. Earn by Winning: Challenge your friends or let the business combination work. Define stakes and finance them with liquid crypto. winners win everything.
  2. Earn by Playing: Whether a player wins or loses, whenever there's a back to their skills, they'll be panning for a present of XED.
  3. Earn by Progressing: By wagering XED, players unlock NFT rewards, which increase exclusivity and rarity as they increase their ranking position.

Exeedme Financial Analysis

Before choosing a project to speculate in, it's essential to contemplate the metrics of a project. One of the foremost necessary details is the economic aspects that we will search into within the following section.

Exeedme ROI, Popularity And Market Cap

As the time of writing this post on Dec 5, 2021, in the last 24 hours, Exeedme trading volume has been above $1M, meaning this amount of XED has been traded and circulated. XEDs' Return On Investment (ROI) has been -6.668% over the last month. However, Exeedme has not been doing the job well like other coins in the same category over the past year. XEDs' Market Cap is $50 million, and it ranks #667. 

Is Exeedme (XED) The Best Crypto Investment Option?

Keeping a watch on the most recent Exeedme news is essential for successful investing. You will also get to grasp the crypto you would like to speculate in, and you may get more insight into why the value went up or down. Samples of such websites are Github or Reddit. At Cryptologi.st, we offer all the reports and key metrics you'd require before deciding to direct action. You will find up-to-date, reliable information about the cryptocurrency market on our website, including NFT Projects.

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