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Dec 05, 2021

What is Exeedme staking and How can I stake XED coin?

tl;drThe article draws a clear picture of what XED token staking is and how Exeedme staking works. Also, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Exeedme revolution and answer “Is Exceedme legit?”. Roughly 36% of the world are gamers, and Exeedme token strives to enable them to make money from their gaming skills. It opens new venues for gamers to engage in and interact with their favourite games while preserving their portfolio and even powering it.
What is Exeedme staking and How can I stake XED coin?
What is Exeedme staking and How can I stake XED coin?
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What Is Exeedme (XED)?

Before dealing with Exeedme staking, we need to know How this platform work? Exeedme is a decentralised, fair, trusted, Play-to-Earn gaming platform built on the Polkadot blockchain. It was raised on Polkastarter and listed on Uniswap on Dec 30, 2021.

It seeks to revolutionise the industry by enabling developers and organisers to create competitive game ecosystems for all gamers. In return, it rewards players for using the platform and lets average players earn an income through gaming.

Exeedme’s utility cryptocurrency, XED, holds the position of #1113th largest cryptocurrency by market cap and fuels the entire Exeedme platform.

Exeedme (XED) Key Features

Decades ago, earning money by playing video games sounded impossible, like a far-fetched dream! Thanks to Exeedme, that dream has come true by giving gamers a place to exercise a real sense of ownership and earn money for playing games.

  • Exeedme is a matchmaking platform, meaning that you can challenge your friends or play against similarly skilled players and earn XED tokens by the end of each match!
  • It’s an anti-cheat platform that provides users with a fair and transparent environment by using video referee, telemetry and game state data to ensure no hacks are used and gameplay is levelled at all times.
  • Exeedme is an agnostic play-to-earn revolutionary that intended to create a single point of access to engage in an ecosystem that allows players to play, socialise and earn in many centralised games (such as CS: GO and LOL) and in decentralised games (such as F1:Delta and Skyweaver).

Exeedme Team

Creating a bridge between Web 2.0 games and the Web 3.0 P2E environment requires creative and professional team members. Exeedme consists of a team of creative professional developers with entrepreneurial experience and a “make it happen” attitude.

Exeedme platform was formed by Nuno Fernandes, who got the best economics student award from Banco de Portugal, and Francisco Varela, the founder of the first exclusive gaming gear marketplace.

How Does Exeedme Work?

According to Exeedme’s whitepaper, the Exeedme platform provides gamers with an opportunity to play their favourite games, challenge an opponent or let Exeedme find one that matches their skill level and bet on their own victory.

It implements video referee, telemetry and game state data to ensure no hacks are used and gameplay is levelled at all times. The platform comes with its reward system, including “practice rewards” and “progress rewards”. You will find more about each of them in the following sections.

Exeedme's Goal

Making a living from gaming has never been easier thanks to Exeedme, whose main goal is to enable all gamers with different levels of skill and expertise to compete on their favourite games and make some money through blockchains, NFTs and DeFi.

Exeedme Roadmap

Here you can see what Exeedme went through in 2021 and keep track of where the Exeedme project is going and how to get there throughout 2022.

Exeedme Roadmap 2021

Exeedme Roadmap 2021
Exeedme Roadmap 2021

Exeedme: The Road Ahead Q4 2022

Exeedme Token Roadmap 2022
Exeedme Token Roadmap 2022

Pros And Cons Of Exeedme

Every crypto project, even Bitcoin, which is the greatest one, suffers some drawbacks, and so does the Exeedme token. Follow me to the next section to find out its pros and cons.

Exeedme Token Pros

  • Fully Decentralised 
  • A Strong and Detailed Whitepaper
  • Covers All Skill Levels
  • Participating and Progressing Options for Failed Players to Earn Money

Exeedme Token Cons

  • Low Liquidity Score (26%)
  • No 2023 Roadmap
  • Young Project Under Research and Development

Pros And Cons Of Exeedme Token
Pros And Cons Of Exeedme Token

What Is XED Token?

XED is the native currency of Exeedme that fuels the entire platform with its different use cases, including game mining, staking for access, and governance. Keep reading to learn about each use case in detail.

Use-Cases for XED

Exeedme token plays an essential role in the Exeedme platform and comes with various unique use cases to enhance the gaming experience for players, as follows.


XED holders have access to tournaments, leagues, high stakes, lower fees and Defi exclusive opportunities. Taking part in the hottest tournament requires XED, and gamers can collect XED and NFTs.

Game Mining

Gamers can collect XED and NFTs by playing, growing their rankings or completing milestones. Going Through staking XED or providing liquidity allows players to unlock XED and NFT rewards that can be collected based on their activity in the platform.


Holding XED means that you are part of the Exeedme creation journey, can drive the platform's future, vote on upgrades, events and other initiatives and have control over your experience.

How To Earn XED?

To earn XED tokens, you can go through three ways: winning the games, practising, and progressing.

  • Earn XED Tokens By Winning: First, you need to choose your favourite game to play, then stake it via funding with crypto assets and when you win the game, you can stake your earnings.
  • Earn XED Tokens By Practicing: Exeedme rewards players for using the platform. Every time there is a match, gamers win participation rewards in XED.
  • Earn XED Tokens By Progressing: By achieving certain ranking levels or completing certain missions and milestones, gamers will be entitled to newly crafted NFTs they can brag about!

XED Tokenomics

XED, the utility and governance token to the Exeedme platform, started trading on Dec 30, 2020, at $0.39. Regarding the market cap ranking, XED holds the rank #1133.

Today, on Oct 26, 2022, the XED price is $0.061, with a 24-hour trading volume of $71,753. In the previous 24 hours, the XED price has been down 3%. Its circulating supply is 90M coins, with a total supply of 10 Billion.

The Exeedme token price is 97% lower than its All-Time High of $1.99 on March 17, 2021, but %24 higher than its All-Time Low of $0.048 on Jul 03, 2023.

The current liquidity score of XED is 26%, making it hard to sell in the current bear market. The chart below indicates the XED price and market cap during the past 12 months.

What is exeedme staking

Exeedme token Staking is not a complicated process. To stake XED token you need to transfer your asset into staking pool. You can’t use those tokens, and no one else can either. This diminishes the amount that is running around the market.

Exeedme staking benefits

1. Price and guaranteed mints

The minting price of the Crypto Bird is 0.4ETH for $XED stakers. This comes at a great discount to the starting price of 0.5ETH available to Whitelisted users and a great time window to calmly mint their Crypto Birds with no rush.

2. Royalties Primary Sales

The stakers will receive 2,5% of the proceeds from the primary sales of the first batch of Crypto Birds. These amounts will be proportionally distributed through all stakers after they un-stake the $XED.

3. Royalties Secondary Sales

The stakers will receive 10% of the royalties applied to the secondary sales of Crypto Birds in the first 90 days. These amounts will be proportionally distributed through all stakers after they un-stake the $XED.

How can I Stake XED coin?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • You connect your wallet;
  • You pick the pool you like the most (described right above ^);
  • You click the “Approve XED” button, which will activate your contract;
  • Choose the amount you want to stake (there’s a 2000 $XED minimum);
  • Click “Staking”;

You can unstake whenever you want, but it will affect your earnings;

If you do it before early withdrawal period, you get whatever you put in;

If you do it during early withdrawal period, you get the early withdrawal APY;

If you do it at the staking pool maturity, you get the whole shebang.

XED Staking Pools

Within the Exeedme platform, there are XED and NFT Pools. Depending on how much you stake your XED tokens, you will receive XED and NFT rewards.

Exeedme Fees

According to Exeedme’s whitepaper, Exeedme fees are used to fund XED reward pools and NFT reward pools, maintain operations, and fund platform continuous game development. There are three kinds of fees, including Tournament Fees, Platform Fees, and Minting Fees.

Is Exeedme Legit or Scam?

One of the vital factors that can help you identify if a project is a scam or simply just new is to read over its whitepaper. Exeedme’s whitepaper conveys a lot of information on the project's real purpose.

Based on my recent research, the Exeedme project comes with a strong community on Twitter, and there are no signs of user complaints. Plus, the token is listed on famous exchanges, including Kucoin and

Putting it all together, I have not found any red flags to consider the Exeedme project a scam.

However, we have witnessed many examples of projects that had met the critical criteria, yet they turned into scams. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a given project will be successful in future just because it is fine now.

The thing that can help you is to read the projects’ whitepapers carefully, contact the team on social media, and follow the market news closely to spot the red flags asap.

Is Exeedme Safe?

Compared to the traditional gaming systems that suffer from transparency and safety issues, the Exeedme revolution was born as a gaming system that is fully decentralised and community-driven. It also enjoys a pro, solid team on board.

However, you need to do personal research on the coin and don't merely rely on anyone’s thoughts and experiences. You need to learn and grow.

Similar Coins

There are so many platforms like Sandbox, Enjin, and Decentraland that brought blockchain technology to the gaming industry and opened up financial opportunities!

However, the Exeedme token is in its early stages of development and needs time to take form. We can’t consider the mentioned projects as competitors because Exeedme offers different services from other platforms like Enjin!

How To Buy XED Tokens?

Among hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin,, and Uniswap (v2) are by far the most popular trading pairs for Exeedme, where you can invest directly in USD! Don't you have a clue to pick which exchange? Learn about crypto exchanges to find your answer!


Blockchain technology is still at an early stage of development in the gaming industry. One platform that aims to pioneer deploying blockchain technology and NFT is Exeedme, where all the players are the major winners within the platform while you are preserving your portfolio. 

Keeping a close watch on the most recent Exeedme news is the key to building a strong portfolio. To this aim, Cryptologist, with its latest updates, educational content, analyses on the top 1500 coins, and a free crypto screener, is here to help you keep your eyes on the prize!


If you have any further questions, may your answers lie here among the questions most investors are asking!

What Is An NFT?

NFT is an abbreviation of Nun Fungible Token, a cryptographic asset using blockchain technology. NFTs are the key elements of the crypto-gaming industry and can be anything from digital art to music, designs, etc.

How Is The XED Token Distribution?

XED token has a circulating supply of 90 Million XED coins and a total supply of 100 Million, and a distribution pattern as below.

  • %40 to Seed, Private and Public Rounds
  • %20 to Ecosystem Growth, including Marketing, Awareness, Partnerships and Exchange Listings
  • %20 to Liquidity Fund (providing funds for Uniswap and other exchanges)
  • 10% to Team and Advisors
  • 10% to Foundational Reserve

How Is The Exeedme Matches and Tournaments?

Gamers choose the game, the stake, and an opponent or let Exeedme do the matchmaking and let the game begin. Gaming modes include Solo, Party, Teams and Pro-Seasons. The winner gets the prize pool minus organising fees.

How Do You Make Money With Exeedme?

On the Exeedme platform, gamers can collect XED and NFTs by playing, growing their ranking or completing milestones. You may think that winning is the only way to earn XED, but if players fail, they can make money by participating and progressing.

You can also participate in staking or even be a liquidity provider. The more you stake your XED tokens, the higher the passive income you will get.

Is XED On Binance?

XED has not been listed on the Binance exchange yet, and if you want to purchase Exeedme tokens, you can buy BTC or ETH from Binance and then transfer your newly purchased BTC or ETH from your wallet to one of the exchanges that support XED.

Where Can I Stake XED?

  • Connect your blockchain wallet.
  • Pick the pool you like the most.
  • Click on the “Approve XED” button to activate your contract.
  • Choose the amount you want to stake (there’s a 2000 XED minimum).
  • Click on “Staking”.
  • When the pool reopens, you will have more money!
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