Nelly S.
Nelly S.
Dec 01, 2021

DEAPcoin: The NFT Currency for P2E Games

tl;drThe entertaining platform "PlayMining" allows users to accumulate cryptocurrency by enjoying games and cartoons available for free on the platform. Simultaneously, the roles and goods will be sold because of the cryptocurrency and used for the second transaction among users through Digital Art Auction. Financially, DEP's Return On Investment (ROI) has been 1,034.103% over the last year. DEP's Market Cap is $228,367,005 million, and it ranks #333. DEP's popularity, Its Twitter account, saw an increase of 27% in followers over the last month. Moreover, its Telegram channel users went up by 49% over the same period.
DEAPcoin: The NFT Currency for P2E Games
DEAPcoin: The NFT Currency for P2E Games
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DEAPCOIN (DEP) Key Features

Specific scenes and settings where players can earn DEAPcoin have been set independently for every game title. as an example, within the first game "JobTribes" produced by our company, it's assumed the PlayMiner acquires DEAPcoin (or in-game coins: exchangeable with DEAPcoin at a selected rate) within the following scenes:

  1. After you win in an in-game card battle
  2. For the highest winners within the in-game ranking (Daily/Weekly)
  3. Whenever the task "Quest" set in JobTribes is cleared
  4. Other special events.

Unique Ways To Profit From DEAPCOIN 

In general, a currency's value relies on what it can purchase, only if there's a limit to what quantity the money is issued. In other words, the currency's value correlates with the economy's gross value within which it's primarily used. DEA owns all original artworks of the Digital Arts on the PlayMining platform. Therefore, in reality, the mixture value of the Digital Arts would be calculated because of the market price of all circulating DEAPcoins. 

 Therefore, the aggregate value of DEAPcoin grows proportionately. The most circulation amount of DEAPcoin sets (Max circulation amount: 30 billion DEP, after this 1 DEAPcoin = 1 DEP), so because the value of DEAPcoin rises, the worth of 1 DEP also rises.

The Best Exchange Platforms And Similar Coins

Some of the top exchanges for trading DEAPCOIN (DEP) currently on centralized exchanges(CEX) include OKExIndodax, and Bittrex.

Similar projects to DEAPCOIN are DecentralandAxie Infinity, and The Sandbox, all Play To Earn and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) projects.

Who Owns DEAPcoin?

DEAPcoin has unique and powerful team members. The Co-Founder is Yoshida Naohito, who has led 3 IPOs in Japan and is a well-known figure in entertainment media companies. Co-CEO Shigeru Shiina was previously the President/CEO of PwC Japan, and before PwC, he was Vice President of KPMG Consulting Japan. CFO was also previously the CFO of PWC Japan. Also, the Co-Founder and CSO Kozo Yamada have a wealth of experience producing a variety of programming and music at TV Tokyo Corporation; Yamada established an entertainment content production company called Tsukuriba, Inc., in 2018.

DEAPCOIN (DEP) Development

The Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, has initiated the DEA Project, a blockchain-based NFT DeFi platform featuring NFTs, games, and other entertainment. 

The utility token DEAPcoin (ERC-20) is principally engaged in NFT Marketplace by DEP to get NFTs (ERC-721) to boost gameplay within the platform. 

The platform aims to deal with IPs / copyrights for the secondary market transaction of individual artwork. The division of the sales is going to be regarded as royalty to the first creators forever. The corporate launched the platform "PlayMining," where users can read manga free, enjoy playing games, and earn DEP cryptocurrency. Over 1,000,000 recorded users (as of April 2021) and growing exponentially; most users are from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

DEAPcoin is the native utility token that's used for:

  • Purchase NFTs on NFT Marketplace by DEP.
  • Fees for processing transactions.
  • Used for DEA's DeFi services.

How Does DEAPCOIN (DEP) Work?

The DEAPcoin includes a system for receiving an ASCII text file safety audit by an external auditing organization. There must be no room for failures to comprehend the infinite generation and vision safeguard PlayMiners' assets. In April 2018, a fatal bug that allowed in some original currencies was discovered and had become a hotly contested topic. 

Moreover, this bug was caused by a rudimentary programming mistake. Many projects used their money at that point, also now, others don't have an auditing method in situ to detect basic errors. The audits conducted for DEAP Coin are supported what the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges use for listing examinations, raising the standard of DEAPcoin to the extremely best level within the world. DEAPcoin is a world-class token with the expandability and flexibility derived from ERC20 and refined in quality and safety from past examples.


Before choosing a project to invest in, it is essential to consider the metrics of a project. One of the most important details is the economic aspects we will search into in the following section.

DEP ROI, Popularity And Market Cap

As the time of writing this post on Dec 01, 2021, in the last 24 hours, DEAPCOIN trading volume has been about $14,473,743, meaning this amount of DEP has been traded and circulated. DEP's Return On Investment (ROI) has been 1,034.103% over the last year. However, DEAPCOIN exceeded in 'Play To Earn, Entertainment, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), Gaming' categories which had 267% growth over the past year. It exceeded the crypto market, which had 0% growth over the past year.

DEP Market Cap is $228,367,005 million, and it ranks # 333. Also, A capable marketing team and brand awareness directly impact the success of any project. DEP Network's marketing team is doing a good job! According to our data about DEP's popularity, Its Twitter account saw an increase of 27% in followers over the last month. Moreover, its Telegram channel users went up by 49% over the same period. 

Is DEAPCOIN (DEP)The Best Crypto Investment Option?

You'll use DEAPcoin research to test if it's worth, while to take a position during this coin and how trusted or risky this investment. At, we offer all the reports and key metrics you'd require before deciding to direct action. You can find up-to-date, reliable information about the cryptocurrency market on our website, including NFT Projects.

To see our reports plus quickly compare the available investment options, check out our website.

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