CST (CryptoSorted Token): An Introduction and Review

tl;drCST is a young and new platform with high aims for the future. CryptoSorted Token (CST) is the native token of this platform that intends to be the first community-owned crypto media publication. The community manages the CST (CryptoSorted Token) thanks to an on-chain governance mechanism. To put it simply, CryptoSorted strives to become a DAO-based crypto media powerhouse, i.e., a public publishing platform for crypto media.
CST (CryptoSorted Token): An Introduction and Review
CST (CryptoSorted Token): An Introduction and Review
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What Does CST Offer?

Like most other giant organisations and entities these days, mainstream crypto media are owned and controlled by centralised authorities dreaming of increasing only their capital and benefits. To open a venue for the public crypto enthusiasts, CST aims to be the first who establishes a crypto media powerhouse. The most significant feature of CST is distributing all the net revenue generated from multiple sources, including ads, among the CST holders on a weekly basis. According to the CST website, “At the core team level, we want to focus mostly on building a sustainable project that will keep pumping BCH into your wallets forever.”

Where Does BCH Come From In CST?

CST holders will be rewarded BCH tokens weekly, and this reward comes from the revenue generated by CryptoSorted. The revenue sources of CST are

  • Ads revenue
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Sponsorships
  • Paid content 

The team also plans to develop DeFi projects and tools to increase revenue generation.

Key Points About CST Weekly Rewards

  • The weekly rewards of the CST holders change each week based on the amount of revenue generated.
  • The weekly rewards are distributed according to the amount of CST held in each holder's wallet. The more CST held, the bigger the weekly share.
  • To get a share of the weekly BCH reward, the holders need to hold CSTs in their smartBCH wallet. The reward will automatically be credited to the wallet where the CSTs are held.
  • Receiving the rewards is not bound to the amount of CSTs held. But the more CSTs held, the bigger the reward.
  • There is a possibility that the weekly reward distribution is temporarily stopped due to poor revenue or lack of community support.

CST Unique Features

As the native token of the platform, CST is going to be used for the following purposes:

  • To pay for all the services offered at CryptoSorted, including ad placements and sponsored posts, with a 50% discount.
  • To reward the active community members.
  • To be used as a yield-bearing token to airdrop BCH to the holders’ wallets every week.
  • To perform as the governance token in the hands of the holders.

What Are CST’s Main Objectives?

The basic ideas based on which the CST came into being are

  • creating an efficient project and a strong community,
  • being a solid source of revenue generation, and
  • spending the net revenue generated on buying and airdropping BCH to CryptoSorted Token holders and liquidity providers.

CST Tokenomics

Being introduced as a smartBCH (SEP20) token with a maximum supply of 23,674, CST is allocated as follows.

  • 65% for presale
  • 5% for initial liquidity on DEXs
  • 5% to reward developers
  • 2% airdropped to BPAD (BCHPad Token) holders
  • 23% to swap old and new CSTs and fund a farming pool to reward liquidity providers with LP rewards
CST Allocation
CST Allocation

CST Roadmap

CST dreams to be a community-driven crypto and blockchain media project. To achieve this aim, the team has provided the following roadmap.

  • Q1-Q2 2022: onboarding the content writers
  • Q2-Q3 2022: redesigning and upgrading the website
  • Q3-Q4 2022: building the team
  • Q4 2022: creating podcasts and video content
  • Q1 2023: designing the Proof of Community (PoC) concept
  • Q2 2023: developing the PoC protocol
  • Q3-Q4 2023: launching the PoC protocol
  • Q1 2024 – Q2 2024: Starting DAO and automated user management to decentralise CryptoSorted
  • Q2 2024 – Q4 2024: expanding the project and community

When Will CST Start The Weekly BCH Airdrop?

Based on the CST official website, the weekly BCH airdrop will start before the end of 2022. The first airdrop is said to be huge and will include all the CST holders and liquidity providers who invested more. To earn most of the airdrop, the users need to consider the following:

  • The volume of their buy vs sell trades,
  • The period they have held the CST in your wallet,
  • The amount of CST they hold,

How much the liquidity was and when it was provided.

CST Products and Tools

CST aims to provide tools and services to streamline crypto investment, which will start by creating content. The platform intends to provide users with a wallet, a portfolio tracking and management tool, a launchpad, and a cross-chain bridge.

What Determines The Amount of Weekly CST Rewards?

The most important factors affecting the amount of weekly CST rewards distributed are

  • The number of CST holders: if there are more CST holders, the BCH airdrop will be bigger.
  • The level of community support: if the community is active in supporting the project, the weekly airdrop will increase.
  • The amount of revenue generated: if the inflow into the reward pool increases, the amount of the weekly BCH airdrops will also increase.

How Can I Buy CST?

CSTs are available to purchase on Benswap and MistSwap. Also, joining CST on Telegram and Reddit and being an active member will result in earning CST.

Final Remarks

CST is another young project aiming to reach the moon! It needs the community to grow and will reward the community members for their support. Should you buy it or not? Well, this article, like any other article on Cryptologi.st, is not a buy or sell signal. It is a review of what we know about CST up to now. You are the one who can decide to trade or not, but we can help you make confident investment decisions with a free screener tool to compare hundreds of projects, a watchlist to keep your favourite projects under control, and hundreds of news and project reviews. You’ll let a lot with us; stay tuned!

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