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Feb 17, 2023

CCX Coin Price Prediction. Is Conceal A Good Investment?

tl;drTransparency, decentralisation and public ownership are the cryptos keywords today. Any project moving toward these concepts can be considered crypto-mainstream. CCX Coin comes from one of these platforms known as Conceal Network, which works independently of financial institutions, provides completely open-source codes and is driven by the community. This article will analyse the CCX Coin financially and fundamentally and present the CCX price prediction.
CCX Coin Price Prediction. Is Conceal A Good Investment?
CCX Coin Price Prediction. Is Conceal A Good Investment?
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What is Conceal Network?

Conceal Network is a new peer-to-peer decentralized network that is specially designed to make financial transactions private while also allowing communications to remain encrypted.

Conceal offers protocol-level privacy protection on all transactions, allows users to make deposits directly on the blockchain, and encrypts all messages sent over their network.

Thanks to these features, concealing privacy and security through the blockchain has never been easier!

Where Does CCX Coin Come From?

CCX Coin is the native token of Conceal Network, a decentralised blockchain platform allowing untraceable and anonymous messaging and a safe solution to transfer funds.

Anonymity is achieved for the sender and receiver by providing a distributed public ledger, preventing hackers from tracing funds or messages sent across public networks.

CCX Coin Platform Unique Features

CCX Coin platform has various unique features; one of the most important ones is that you can access Conceal Network no matter where you are located.

It also solves various Bitcoin problems, like technological, environmental impacts, reputation and security. In addition, Conceal Network provides the following features for its users.

  • Anonymous Banking: Conceal Network offers deposits as the backbone of its ecosystem, providing users with fair staking using Hash-Timelocked-Contracts to earn interest on locked deposits. The network offers a range of annual interest rates from 2.9% to 6%, depending on the period and amount of deposits locked.
  • Anonymous Payments: To ensure real anonymity in payments, Conceal Network uses ring signatures and one-time addresses to ensure real anonymity in payments.
  • Protected Proof of Work
  • Complete Fungibility
  • Encrypted Messages: Conceal Network strives to provide decentralised, anonymous, untraceable, and end-to-end encrypted messaging services on the blockchain while enabling self-destruct messages.
  • Unlinkable Transactions
  • Dynamic Adaptive Limits
  • Scalability: Upcoming scalability initiatives will use a modular sidechain to ensure scalability.

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What Is CCX Coin?

CCX Coin is the native token of a decentralised platform, which came into being in April 2018 with an up-to-date roadmap.

Who Owns The CCX Coin Platform?

Actually, nobody! CCX Coin comes from an open-source experimental platform, i.e., no company is behind it.

Conceal Network has community support and no stable, full-time team and no physical headquarters back it.

It may sound a little tricky as there is no warranty that the coins generated or accrued will be worth anything, so it requires your full attention and research.

However, the good point is that decentralisation is achieved, and anyone can make changes or improve the blockchain.

The changes do not apply anytime one person wills; the majority of the community must vote for any suggestion.

CCX Coin Emission

CCX Coin is emitted from two sources, i.e., PoW and Cold Staking. Let’s go through each one separately.

CCX Coin Proof Of Work

Proof of Work (PoW) mining creates and verifies a new block of trustless transactions on a decentralised ledger, aka blockchain.

100% of the block reward goes to miners who complete a calculation, and PoW mining creates new CCX Coins to reward the winners.

CCX Coin Cold Staking

Cold Staking or Banking Deposits is a passive income strategy in the CCX Coin platform, which is generated on a timed deposit and earned upon the deposit maturity.

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CCX Coin Rewarding Details

Conceal Network fixes the block reward at 6 CCX Coins per block until hitting the 200 Million Max supply.

Long before reaching this max supply, the compounding interest paid through Cold Staking/ Banking Deposits in the main chain will be terminated.

Cold Staking/ Banking Deposits work as incentives to keep the circulation supply at a low level.

The Conceal Network has introduced this emission plan plus the fixed Max supply to reward miners for over 100 years and extend deposits for 30 years. This internal financial system aims to achieve a fair distribution of CCX Coins.

Disclaimer: Don’t take this article as financial advice. You need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investment.

CCX Coin Pros

  1. Privacy: Conceal Network is designed to provide strong privacy protections for its users. Transactions are encrypted, and using ring signatures, stealth addresses, and zero-knowledge proofs makes it difficult to trace or link transactions.
  2. Security: CCX uses a combination of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake to secure its network. This dual system provides robust security against attacks, making it more resistant to 51% of attacks than proof-of-work alone.
  3. Decentralization: The Conceal Network is designed to be decentralized, meaning no single entity controls it. This helps ensure the network is resilient against censorship and other forms of interference.
  4. Community: Conceal Network has a growing community of users and developers who are passionate about the project. This community provides support, helps to develop new features and applications, and works to improve the network.

CCX Coin Cons

  1. Adoption: As with many new cryptocurrencies, adoption can be challenging for CCX. The network is still relatively small, and many people are unfamiliar.
  2. Volatility: The value of CCX can be highly volatile, as with most cryptocurrencies. This can make it challenging to use CCX as a store of value or as a medium of exchange.
  3. User Experience: While the Conceal Network has significantly improved its user experience, it may still be challenging for some users to get started with the platform. This could potentially limit adoption.
  4. Regulatory Uncertainty: As with many cryptocurrencies, there is regulatory uncertainty surrounding CCX. Governments worldwide are still grappling with how to regulate these new technologies, which could potentially limit adoption or lead to legal challenges for the project.

CCX Coin Price Prediction

Price prediction is not a metric you can solely rely on when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. Rather, it helps you know what crypto experts think about the future price of a given coin. In the following sections, we’ll go through the CCX Coin price prediction for the coming years.

CCX Coin Price Prediction For 2022

CCX is predicted to hit a maximum price of $0.28 by the end of 2022. Experts believe that Conceal's price will grow in the coming months. Therefore, the average price of each CCX Coin is expected to revolve around $0.25, depending on the market.

CCX Coin Price Prediction For 2023

Crypto experts predict that CCX Coin will end the year 2023 with an average trading price of $0.38, with a maximum price of around $0.42.

CCX Coin Price Prediction For 2024

It can be expected that the average price of each CCX Coin may reach $0.56. If the market performs better, the maximum price of Conceal is predicted to hit $0.63 in 2024.

CCX Coin Price Prediction For 2025

CCX Coin’s average trading price can reach $0.94 by 2025, with an average price of $0.78.

CCX Coin Price Prediction For 2030

Conceal, better known by its ticker symbol CCX, is expected to slightly increase its price over the year.

According to industry analysts, at the end of 2021, CCX has an estimated minimum price of $0.20 and could potentially reach a maximum price of up to $0.24 by 2026.

The CCX forecast price and technical analysis indicate that the average price level of CCX for 2027 is $0.31, with a minimum price value of $0.30 and a maximum price level of $0.36.

By 2028, the average price is expected to increase to $0.44, with a minimum value of $0.43 and a maximum of $0.52.

In 2029 the average will be at $0.65, with a minimum of $0.63 and a maximum of $0.76; in 2030, it is projected to reach an average level of$0.90, with a minimum of $0.87 and a maximum of $1.06.

Should I Invest In CCX Coin?

CCX Coin platform Conceal Network was not financially fruitful the previous year, partly due to the falling market. This project is an open-source, decentralised ecosystem with a clear roadmap and practical innovations.

The current performance shows that it can’t be considered a short-term investment, and we must wait for the upcoming bull market to see some real changes. While in falling markets, we need to research various projects to handpick the ones that suit our financial situation and preferences.

How can Cryptologi.st help with that? By providing detailed technical reviews of the crypto projects, offering a free Screener to help you analyse various projects and keep the best ones on your Watchlist to monitor their changes. Using these tools will help you survive the bear market with confidence!

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