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Tara M.
Dec 27, 2022

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2023, 2025, and 2030: Is It A Good Investment?

tl;drAlchemy Pay investors had once made 5,000% off of their investments in less than a week. This jaw-dropping profit of Alchemy Pay’s native token, ACH, in 2021 has made investors wonder if this token would make such a move once more. If you don’t want to miss out on the ACH token’s next mooning, read this Alchemy Pay price prediction for 20230, 2025 and 2030!
Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2023, 2025, and 2030: Is It A Good Investment?
Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2023, 2025, and 2030: Is It A Good Investment?
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What Is Alchemy Pay?

Learning about how Alchemy Pay works aids us in going through the Alchemy Pay price prediction easily and more confidently. So first, let me explain why to use Alchemy Pay, and then we’ll delve into the Alchemy Pay price prediction.

Alchemy Pay provides an infrastructure that can be used by businesses and institutes to make and manage crypto-fiat payments seamlessly. Alchemy Pay’s system enables people to pay with crypto but receive their payments in fiat currency.

The network comprises unique solutions to integrate fiat and crypto payments, including Crypto Payment Acceptance, Fiat Payment Rails, and Crypto Ramps. Let's learn about each solution below. Next, we talk about Alchemy Pay price prediction for 20230, 2025 and 2030

What Is Crypto Payment Acceptance?

Fiat Payment Acceptance is a convenient all-in-one payment system that enables online and offline businesses to accept fiat and crypto payments with local fiat settlement.

What Is Fiat Payment Rails?

Fiat Payment Rails is Alchemy Pay’s unique solution to accept popular payment methods, including credit and debit cards, fiat mobile wallets, and bank transfers.

What Are Crypto Ramps?

Crypto Ramps direct fiat to crypto purchases, which provide mainstream-friendly access to crypto and Web 3.0 services. The ramps also allow users to exit crypto and remit funds to bank accounts in over 100 fiat currencies.

Alchemy Pay’s vision is to help create an environment of better financial empowerment, dependability, and transparency. It does so by utilising technologies that bridge the gap between fiat and crypto payments.

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What Is Alchemy Pay Coin?

Alchemy Pay token (ACH) is an ERC-20 token operating on the Ethereum blockchain. ACH tokens can be staked, rewarded, pledged, and paid as transaction fees across the Alchemy Pay ecosystem. Moreover, ACH tokens grant voting rights to their holders for governance purposes.

The ACH tokens were pre-mined on Sep 4, 2019, and were hard-capped at 10 billion tokens. These tokens allow for seamless exchange between major fiat currencies and crypto assets, a feature suitable for businesses, institutions, and individuals, as explained below.

  • Businesses: ACH tokens enable businesses to make crypto-fiat transactions with retail consumers as well as other businesses through payment gateways, including exchanges, e-commerce platforms, and retail merchants.
  • Institutions: Alchemy coin enables financial institutions like banks to offer crypto investment services by bridging fiat currencies and crypto assets.
  • Individuals: Alchemy coins allow individuals to borrow and purchase with both fiat and crypto. Users can also earn interest via staking, buying, and selling crypto assets directly.

The Alchemy Pay token has experienced surprising price changes since its launch, which we’ll elaborate on below.

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Price History

Before going to the Alchemy coin price prediction, we first need to analyse how this token has performed so far.

  • The earliest price recorded for Alchemy coin was on Sep 12, 2020, at $0.031. Until the very last day of July 2021, Alchemy coin’s price kept a steady downtrend and slowly reached $0.003.
  • In August 2021, Alchemy’s price began increasing at a significantly high rate, to the point that on Aug 7, 2021, it reached an All-Time High (ATH) of $0.1583, marking a price increase of 5,000% only in a week.
  • Shortly after this massive spike, Alchemy coin’s price decreased and reached the $0.06 level on Aug 18, 2021.
  • On Aug 24, 2021, Alchemy’s price had a pump of 2,000% and reached $0.1296. Alchemy’s price kept this similar pattern for eight months, with each pump being weaker than the previous one.
  • By May 2022, Alchemy’s price fell to the $0.01 zone and steadily declined until today (Dec 26, 2022). Alchemy coin’s price is currently fluctuating at the $0.008 level.

The following price chart showcases how the Alchemy coin has performed since the day it came into circulation. After checking the chart, keep scrolling to read the Alchemy coin’s financial analysis.

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Alchemy Pay Financial Analysis

As of today, on Dec 26, 2022, the Alchemy token is being held in more than 37K wallets. Throughout the past 24 hours, there have been more than 344K transactions of Alchemy coin with a trading volume of $12 million.

ACH has a liquidity score of 37%, meaning it’s one of the most challenging tokens to trade during a bear market.

To make a more in-depth financial analysis, we will analyse Alchemy Pay’s Token Distribution, ROI, Market Cap, ATH, and ATL in the following sections.

Alchemy Pay Tokenomics

Alchemy token has a maximum supply of 10 billion, 49% (4.9 billion) of which is in circulation. Out of Alchemy coin’s maximum supply, 62% is used for utility purposes, and the remaining 38% is put aside for the stakeholders, i.e., the team members, backers, and advisors.

Enterprise & Consumer Transaction Rewards - 40%
DeFi Transaction Rewards - 11%
Transaction Mobility - 6%
Enterprise Partners - 5%
Team - 18%
Backers - 18%
Advisors - 2%
Alchemy Pay Token Distribution


Return On Investment (ROI) is an investment factor that shows how much profit you’ve made or how much you’ve lost on an investment asset during a specific period. The ROI of the Alchemy coin is as follows.

  • Alchemy ROI for the Recent Year: -87.2%
  • Alchemy ROI for the Recent Month: -13.84%
  • Alchemy ROI for the Recent Week: 3.31%
  • Alchemy ROI for the Recent 24hrs: 4.68%

Moreover, data provided by Cryptologist specifies that Alchemy Pay has underperformed its competitors by 1,770%.

Market Cap

Alchemy coin’s financial analysis indicates this token to have a Market Cap of $41 million. Alchemy ranks #413 in Market Cap rankings.


Alchemy coin’s current price is $0.008, which is 531.7% higher than its All-Time Low (ATL) of $0.0013 recorded on Jul 21, 2021. Alchemy coin’s current price is 95.7% lower than its All-Time High (ATH) of $0.1986 on Aug 6, 2021.

In addition to Alchemy Pay’s financial analysis, ACH token’s fundamental analysis helps us learn more about this platform, which we’ll elaborate on below.

Alchemy Pay Fundamental Analysis

Alchemy Pay’s fundamentals are needed for better price predictions and performance estimations. In the following sections, we will get to know the team members of Alchemy Pay and take a look at its popularity during the past six months.

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Alchemy Pay’s CEO is John Tan, a business growth advisor with ten years of experience in the business and FinTech fields. His past experiences include providing consulting services for Fortune 500 companies, such as Honeywell, DBS Bank, and RSA.

In 2019, John Tan joined Alchemy Pay and secured Alchemy’s initial merchant network base. Later on, he expanded Alchemy’s global partnerships through crypto payment adoption into different payment services. Alchemy’s key partners are Binance, Shopify, and Huobi.

Other key members of Alchemy Pay include:

  • Chairman and Co-founder: Shawn Shi
  • Senior Advisor: Molly Zheng
  • CMO: Kermen Tang
  • HR Lead: Jamie Goh


When it comes to performance, popularity becomes one of the most influential factors, if not the most. An active, dedicated community can save a project from collapsing. The opposite is also true; a project can offer insane technologies, but it all means nothing if it doesn’t have a supportive community.

  • Alchemy coin’s popularity across different platforms has had a rather paradoxical performance. Its popularity has grown significantly on Twitter, with a 1,969% growth in the past six months. However, it decreased by 15% on Telegram during the same time frame.
  • On average, crypto users tend to hunt down new projects on Twitter and follow them up on Telegram. So, this pattern suggests that Alchemy Pay is welcoming new users into its platform while losing some of its older users.

For further clarification, take a look at Alchemy coin’s popularity chart for the past six months below. Also, check the table in the following section as we’ll dive into the Alchemy Pay price prediction!

The Alchemy Pay Price Prediction At A Glance

We’ve provided the Alchemy Pay price prediction chart for the years 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 in the following table. Take a close look as we’re elaborating on what these predictions mean for the growth of ACH tokens next.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2023

According to Alchemy Pay price prediction 2023, an average price of $0.012, with a growth rate of 50%, is expected to be seen for the ACH token. The minimum and maximum growth rates for Alchemy coin during 2023 are predicted to be 37% and 75%.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2024

As per Alchemy coin forecast, this token’s price can reach an average trading price of $0.017, with an average growth potential of 112% throughout 2024. Alchemy coins can grow by 100% at a minimum and reach a maximum growth of 137%.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2025

The Alchemy Pay price prediction 2025 provided by crypto experts indicates that the average price of Alchemy will reach $0.024, signifying an average growth rate of 200% throughout 2025.

A minimum price growth of 200% and a maximum growth rate of 250% are expected to be seen in 2025. Other resources have reported that the price of Alchemy coin can fluctuate in the range of $0.031 - $0.037 in 2025.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2030

The Alchemy Pay price prediction 2030 shows that the average price of ACH during this year can be $0.160, showing a growth rate of 1,900%. Crypto experts estimate Alchemy coin's minimum and maximum growth rates to be 1,775% and 2,275% throughout 2030.

Is Alchemy Pay A Good Investment?

The Alchemy Pay platform has made valuable connections across the crypto space, and its service has more potential for mass adoption as it directly involves fiat currencies.

However, its native token, ACH, hasn’t had the best price performance through its years of circulation. Alchemy coin’s price analysis suggests that this token can make a better short-term investment than long-term.


Alchemy Pay aims to bridge the gap between crypto and traditional fiat currency. It started its journey in 2018 and is designed as a crypto-fiat payment infrastructure powered by its native token, ACH.

Alchemy coin price prediction for 2023 suggests a 53% price growth is on the way, and a 1,951% growth rate is expected to be seen throughout 2030.


You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Alchemy coin below.

Does Alchemy Pay Have Potential?

Although the Alchemy Pay platform offers a solution and utility to the crypto space, its token’s price analysis doesn’t show any significant signs of growth potential anytime soon. However, it’s predicted to make a 2,000% profit after 2030.

How Much Will ACH Be Worth In 2030?

It is estimated that each ACH token can cost $0.16 on average in 2030.

Can ACH Coin Reach $1?

Considering ACH’s maximum supply and the crypto market's current state, ACH can't reach $1, at least in the near future.

How Long Has Alchemy Pay Been Around?

Alchemy Pay was founded in 2018, i.e., it’s been around for about four years now, at the end of 2022.

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