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Nelly S.
Oct 11, 2021

The Sandbox: Pro Tips To Know Before Investing!

tl;drSandbox provides gaming experiences in its Metaverse, where members can make, own, and monetise their gaming activities on the Ethereum blockchain using the SAND token. Sandbox enables its players to get ownership of the virtual-world assets in the form of NFTs. This will result in players’ and creators’ participation in the economy by trading assets and earning through tokens, making Sandbox a Play-to-Earn game. There is a lot to know about Sandbox, so let’s go for it!
The Sandbox: Pro Tips To Know Before Investing!
The Sandbox: Pro Tips To Know Before Investing!
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The Sandbox Unique Features

The Sandbox focuses on four essential features: real digital ownership, security and immutability, trading, and cross-application interoperability.

Real Digital Ownership in The Sandbox

Sandbox considers gamers the real owners of their digital items, even after a game is shut down. Using blockchain technology, Sandbox can tokenise every in-game item, enabling gamers to decide whatever they wish to do with their items.

Security and Immutability in The Sandbox

Primary and secondary markets controlled by blockchain technology are places to trade digital in-game items. Scarcity and increased demand make the items prone to fraud and theft, but thanks to blockchain, which is a distributed ledger, such risks are minimised.

Trading in The Sandbox

Gaming platforms based on blockchain provide complete control over the digital asset for the users. Concerns related to buying and selling significantly decrease with blockchain.

Cross-Application Interoperability in The Sandbox

Using blockchain enables games to use shared assets. Assets, avatars, lands and any other game items are allowed to be used in other games that approve. These game items are no longer limited to one digital ecosystem.

The Sandbox Under The Microscope

Striving to bring blockchain technology into gaming, The Sandbox aims for both crypto and non-crypto game lovers by providing real ownership, scarcity, monetisation, and interoperability. Parenting with plus 50 companies, including Atari, Shaun the Sheep, and Crypto Kitties, The Sandbox works on creating a fun P2E gaming platform owned and created by players.

The Sandbox Main Ingredients!

The Sandbox virtual world includes three principal elements:

  • A 3D Voxel editor to create NFT game assets
  • A marketplace to buy and sell NFT assets
  • A game-maker tool to provide gaming experiences in the Sandbox Metaverse As a player, you can create digital assets (Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs), upload them to the marketplace, and drag-and-drop them to create game experiences with The Sandbox Game Maker. 

The Sandbox Vision

On the horizon, Sandbox sees players creating virtual worlds and games without any central authority or provider. Simply put, Sandbox aspires to provide its users with Metaverse, NFTs and earning SAND tokens.

The Sandbox Token (SAND)

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SAND is an ERC-20 utility token serving as the basis for transactions in The Sandbox. SAND, the governance token of the Sandbox, enables holders to take part in the governance of the platform via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Holding the SAND token allows the holders to vote when decision-making situations arise in The Sandbox ecosystem.

The Sandbox Token (SAND) Use-Cases

Here are the main uses of the Sandbox Token, SAND.

  • Accessing The Sandbox Platform
  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Fee Capture Model
  • Foundation

The Sandbox Token (SAND) Stakeholders

Four groups comprise the main stakeholders of The Sndbox, as follows:

  • Foundation Pool,
  • Staking Pool,
  • Company Treasury, and
  • Company Reserve.

What Problems Does The Sandbox Solve?

Currently, the gaming industry is controlled by centralised ownership, which stands against users/ players in their way of getting their fair share of the value created by them and trading in-game virtual assets. The Sandbox aims to overcome these problems and improve blockchain adoption.

How Does The Sandbox Solve The Problems?

The Sandbox plans to achieve that aim by creating a voxel gaming platform in which creators can craft, play, share, collect, and trade with no central authority, benefiting from secure copyright ownership with the ability to earn SAND. Establishing copyright ownership will be realised and guaranteed using NFTs since every in-game item will have a unique and unalterable blockchain identifier.

The Sandbox Financial Analysis

Today, on Oct 11, 2021, the Sandbox price is $0.757992, with a 24-hour trading volume of $90,622,068. In the previous 24 hours, the SAND price has been down -2.1%. Its circulating supply is 890 Million SAND coins, and its total supply is 3 Billion. With 1,421% in a year, the Sandbox's ROI excelled in the following categories: Metaverse, Polygon Ecosystem, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and Gaming.

The Sandbox Market Cap

The Sandbox's market cap ranking increased from 206 to 134 among all cryptocurrencies in the market. Its price saw a similar trend, rising from $0.44 to $0.75 today, on Oct 11, 2021. However, its liquidity score is 57% of the market's average score, meaning that it would be easier to sell the Sandbox if the market was falling. To check SAND’s financial analysis in full, check here.

The Sandbox Challenges

Like any other project, The Sandbox faces some challenges in delivering the promises made on the whitepaper. The rate of adoption of The Sandbox by the community of artists and creators is one of the main challenges in The Sandbox. The attitude of the community in starting to exchange assets will be a determining factor for the demand generation of SAND.

How Does The Sandbox Overcome Challenges?

To overcome this challenge, The Sandbox team has focused on creating a multi-platform product to spread massively by offering a voxel art tool designed to solve problems and fulfil the community's needs. Their success rate will depend on the priority and preference of consumers and The Sandbox’s ability to quickly anticipate, identify and capitalise on their priorities and preferences.

According to the data provided by, The Sandbox's Twitter account saw an increase of 80% from May 15, to Oct 11, 2021. Moreover, its Telegram channel users went up by 30% over the same period.

The Sandbox Roadmap

The roadmap of The Sandbox for 2021, 2022, and 2023 contains the following steps:

The Sandbox Roadmap for 2021

  • New IPs and premium NFTs to be announced
  • Launching the foundation DAO with SAND staking for voting on creators' fund management
  • The Game Maker official release 1.0 and major updates with more gaming packages, behaviours and visual scripting
  • Game official release 1.0 and major updates
  • LAND Public Sale: regular LAND sales will continue
  • Events: additional seasons with big rewards
  • Multi-platforms: availability of the game on smartphones and tablets
  • Multiplayer: The first user-generated games with multiplayer modes
  • SAND: Staking mechanisms for yield generation and curation

The Sandbox Roadmap for 2022

  • Partnerships: new IPs and premium NFTs to be announced
  • Games Platform: over 1,000 games available
  • Multi-platforms: availability of the game on consoles
  • LAND Public Sale: regular LAND sales will continue
  • Game Maker Co-Building Mode: creating games with friends, custom scripting with programming 3rd layer and major updates with more gaming packages and behaviors
  • Events: additional seasons with big rewards

The Sandbox Roadmap for 2023

  • Games Platform: over 5,000 games available
  • Partnerships: new IPs and premium NFTs to be announced
  • Game Maker: major updates with more gaming packages and behaviours added
  • Events: additional seasons with big rewards
  • DAO: The Sandbox DAO will allow participation in major decisions on the game platform.

Should I Invest in the Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox has promised to offer many spicy options, from Metaverse to NFT, decentralisation and more. It has provided a detailed roadmap and whitepaper, which indicates it has to make a change. Although it sounds juicy, no one can ensure the present performance will continue to the future and all the promises will be kept. To better understand and analyse The Sandbox’s performance, you need to keep an eye on, which will help you make confident crypto investment decisions by providing coin reviews for the top 1500 coins, hot news, and educational content. Check us out!

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