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Nov 08, 2021

Saito (SAITO): A Long-Term Crypto Investment?

tl;drSaito is designed to be a Web 3.0 Foundation aiming to fix the problems that hinder scaling in PoS and PoW blockchains. Saito plans to do so by coupling a circular ledger to a consensus mechanism to incentivise the collection and sharing of transaction fees. Also, it intends to solve some economic problems affecting blockchain scaling. Talking financially, we should note that Saito's market cap rank had a skyrocketed growth since the last week of October, and its market cap rank is almost halved compared to the first week of October, reaching from 1100 to 583. Cool! Keep scrolling to delve deeper into this interesting project.
Saito (SAITO): A Long-Term Crypto Investment?
Saito (SAITO): A Long-Term Crypto Investment?
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A Closer Look at Saito

As a Web 3.0 network grant recipient, Saito runs blockchain applications directly in the browser and pays ISPs instead of miners or stakers, allowing Web 3.0 projects to self-fund infrastructure instead of passing costs to predatory monopolies. As a layer one blockchain, Saito delivers a permissionless and scalable network capable of powering decentralised versions of Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon without the need for predatory monopolies in the network layer.

What Problems Does Saito Solve?

Saito aims to fix the collective action problems obstructing scaling in Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work blockchains by coupling a circular ledger to a consensus mechanism to incentivise the collecting and sharing of transaction fees. The resulting network pays for all activities contributing economic value to the network. In the process, Saito eliminates majoritarian among other attacks.

Saito Innovations in Blockchain

The economic problem is the fundamental issue affecting blockchain scaling. Saito fixes these issues, allowing to build a massively-scalable blockchain that provides scalability by making sure the payments flow to those nodes that spend money on network infrastructure. Those who check out the technical details of the Saito network will find at least seven significant innovations in blockchain technology:

  • Transaction rebroadcasting is done automatically.
  • The golden ticket system
  • A secure multiparty voting mechanism
  • The burn fee
  • PaySplit and PoWsplit
  • N-block golden tickets
  • The chain of cryptographic signatures allows the blockchain to identify and reward productive nodes in the routing network.

These techniques have all been patent-protected.

Saito: the Web 3.0 Foundation

A non-technical explanation of Web 3.0 is that Saito pays a percentage of each dollar collected to the nodes. It means that route the transaction fees into the network this system after collecting transaction fees from users. The mechanism that accomplishes this is powerful. As a result, for any activities that generate transaction flow, this system subsidies them, whether by developing lite-blocks for browser applications, serving archived transactions to users, or even running infrastructure for partner networks like Polkadot

Saito Brings Income For Everyone!

By providing the infrastructure, anyone can earn income by setting up a node on any blockchain. It leads us to the Web 3.0 Foundation. Saito is designed to service users, and in comparison to the smart contracts, the applications running on the network are more powerful.

Saito Arcade

On the Saito Arcade, the family-friendly board games may make for a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon, but advanced cryptographic techniques are used to shuffle decks, deal cards and roll dice. At first glance, the applications may feel like Facebook games, but they are sophisticated programs with few restrictions on what they can do. That is why integrating with back-end protocols like Polkadot, and its parachains is essential.

Saito Arcade Is More Advanced Than It Seems!

The above process in the Web 3.0 space is more than simply connecting Saito-powered chess games with Polkadot and NFT operators: The result enables developers to build almost any kind of blockchain application they want. The identical tools that can power a Parcheesi game can create almost any other type of on-chain application without needing monopolistic network providers like Infura wrapping their claws around a secure network layer.

Financial Analysis Of Saito

SAITO is the native token of Saito Network. If you have invested in Saito, the essential factor you should focus on is Return On Investment (ROI). SAITO's ROI is reported to be 449% over the last month, much below its similar projects, which are reported at 3,043%. Moreover, it underperformed compared to the market's top 1500 cryptocurrency projects in terms of ROI.

SAITO's Popularity Factor

When analysing a project financially, gaining public attention is a critical factor to consider. Data provided on show that SAITO's popularity has grown over the last five months on the number of its Twitter followers. Its Twitter account saw an increase of 4% during the time frame, which is not significant growth. Saito’s Telegram and Reddit accounts saw a decrease in popularity, with -13% and 0%, respectively.

Saito’s Market Cap

SAITO is currently ranked #583 among all the market's cryptocurrency projects, with an approximately $74 million market cap when writing this post on 11/8/2021. Saito's market cap rank skyrocketed since the final week of October, and its market cap rank is almost half of its rank in the first week of October, reaching from #1100 to #583.

Saito’s Price

SAITO's price followed a moderated version of its market cap trend, starting at $0.01025 in October 2021 and reaching the peak of $0.055 at the time of writing this post. Also, SAITO's liquidity score is 26% below the market's average score, making it a difficult sale in bear markets.

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