Ahmet R.
Ahmet R.
Nov 08, 2021

Is IQeon (IQN) A Good Investment In 2022?

tl;drIQeon is a gaming Player versus Player (PvP) platform to monetize in-game achievements. IQN is the platform's Ethereum-based native token that is used to govern the platform. Currently, IQeon is mainly focused on applications for self-development, logical games, and Player versus Player (PvP) disputes. Financially, although IQN did not perform very well over the last year in terms of ROI compared to the cryptocurrency market's average, it has seen big jumps recently in market cap and price. Also, IQN's popularity in social media has increased over the last five months.
Is IQeon (IQN) A Good Investment In 2022?
Is IQeon (IQN) A Good Investment In 2022?
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IQeon is a gaming Players versus Player (PvP) platform that allows users to monetize their in-game achievements. IQeon has defined its goal to provide gamers with the possibility of monetizing their gaming achievements without intermediaries competing in games of any genre and direction.

Players can earn money in the form of IQN token, IQeon's native cryptocurrency that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. IQN token is tradable on exchange services.


IQeon platform can be used for many purposes. However, currently, its main focus is on the range of applications for self-development, logical games, and Player versus Player (PvP) disputes. Following are the scenarios developed by IQeon team as example applications that can be developed in IQeon platform:

  • Self-Development Gaming:

Let's say that you wanna lose weight. Your friend and you place stakes in the form of IQN tokens on the platform. If you succeed in losing weight (success in performing a defined action) you will get paid after deducting the platform fee and developer’s reward (total 12%). If you do not succeed, the money goes to your friend.

Transaction terms cannot be changed since they are passed through IQeon API to the blockchain. Both players must confirm the game's result in the application at the end of each game. Rewards are paid through the mechanism of smart contracts.

If you and your friend do not reach an agreement on the result of the game, the remote conflict resolver mechanism is presented to resolve the conflict. This mechanism makes a sound decision based on materials provided by you and your friend, such as pictures or videos. However, the conflict resolver mechanism is not free and the cost is paid from the IQN token prize fund.

  • Player versus Player (PvP) Dispute Gaming:

This scenario is like the previous one, except that the action can be anything including the result of a football match, the number of lions born annually, or anything else.

In this case, results can be automatically loaded from external trusted resources API. If linking to external resources for determining the result is possible, there would be no need for result confirmation by players. For example, you can link the dispute to the UEFA Champions League database to check the result of a football match.

  • Educational Gaming:

Assume that you register for an online course. You pay the fee with IQN token. The course has some assignments and tests. To incentivize you to work harder, you receive rewards in the form of IQN. In other words, a part of the course's cost returns to you. The developer or the author of the course can determine what portion of the cost can return in the form of rewards.


The most crucial factor for investors is Return On Investment (ROI). Over the last year, IQN's ROI was only 66%, way lower than its similar project in the "Entertainment, Gaming" category, which saw an average ROI of 4,188%. Also, it did worse compared to the market's top 1500 cryptocurrency projects' average ROI.

Jumps in IQN's Financial Figures

Over the last five months, IQeon's market cap had been following a declining trend before the change on October 28, 2021. From mid-June to October 28, its market cap rank got worse, declining from 828 to 1237. However, since October 28, the trend became upward, and IQN's market cap started to grow, reaching the rank of 1110 when writing this post with approximately $16 million value.

The jump seen for IQN's price was more significant. Its price almost doubled from October 20 to November 8, rising from $1.63 to $2.98. Moreover, IQN's liquidity score is 22% below the market's average score, which makes it a challenging sale in bear markets.

Other Important Factor

Another critical factor in determining the success of a cryptocurrency project is gaining public attention. Talking about popularity, IQN's Telegram channel users skyrocketed over the last five months, seeing a growth of 243%. IQeon's popularity also increased in Twitter and Reddit, with 9% and 1%, respectively.


It is important to note that every individual has a different financial situation and preferences. Everyone should carefully analyze her own financial situation and then decide where to invest based on her preferences. Therefore, there is no single prescription that works for everyone.

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