GameSwap: A Hot Decentralised Exchange

tl;drGameSwap is a decentralised exchange that enables gamers to trade and cash out in-game assets with crypto in a neutral platform they govern and own. It seems that GameSwap is gaining more popularity these days, and its Twitter account has seen exponential growth over the last five months with a 256% increase. Also, due to two sharp jumps in GSWAP’s market cap rank, the current rank is 808 among all cryptocurrency projects of the market when writing this post on 11/16/2021. Regarding the Return of Investment (ROI) factor, if you were an investor of GSWAP, you could enjoy 10X profit over the last year. The charts indicate that GameSwap may play some new roles in the market.
GameSwap: A Hot Decentralised Exchange
GameSwap: A Hot Decentralised Exchange
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The main feature that distinguishes GameSwap from other NFT marketplaces is that this platform provides a bridge for in-game items to be minted into NFTs. Also, in this decentralised exchange, gamers can easily create and trade gaming NFTs, in a neutral platform they control and possess. You can buy GameSwap in Uniswap (V2) protocol, an automated exchange based on Ethereum.


Among all cryptocurrency projects, the most similar projects to GameSwap are Binance CoinAvalanche, and Coin. However, The annual ROI of Binance Coin and Avalanche compared to GamwSwap was about 2X and 2.5X, respectively. The Game swap ROI was better than Coin and yielded more profit for the investors. Moreover, the number of wallets created for the GSWAP is about 3,564, and the number of transactions is 51,908 at the time of writing this post. So, this token has a long way to go!


Being a decentralised exchange, GameSwap allows gamers to trade and cash out in-game assets with crypto in a neutral platform they manage and have. 

DeFi and GSWAP tokens empower this platform. So, to trade in-game items and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), investors can use the innovative decentralised exchange (DEX). The project is 100% community-driven. It is one of the first products developed by Shroom Finance.


GameSwap's ultimate goal is to connect gaming with crypto-asset trading through a neutral layer that belongs to the users, allowing players to feel at home and in control.

There are several types of trades in GameSwap:

  • ERC20 to ERC20, which is used in-game tokens.
  • ERC20 to NFT or NFT to ERC20.
  • NFT to NFT that user can exchange one or several items for another.
  • Cash Out can be used at any in-game item or group of items to stablecoin.


GameSwap is a P2P in-game asset exchange that leverages Ethereum standards for both fungibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This platform works like Uniswap, with the automated market maker (AMM) providing liquidity via pools strongly emphasizing in-game assets. Unlike Uniswap, instead of ETH, the base currency will be GSWAP, which is the native token of GameSwap.

There are similarities between GameSwap marketplace with other NFT marketplaces like Rarible and OPenSea. However, the main feature that distinguishes GameSwap is that this platform provides a bridge for in-game items to be minted into NFTs.


Gameswap’s popularity on Twitter saw exponential growth over the last five months. With a 256% increase, GSWAP’s Twitter followers reached 14k on November 16. Also, its Telegram channel users went up by 114% during the same period.

GameSwap Market Cap

According to our data, two sharp jumps in GSWAP’s market cap rank during the last five months led to its current rank of 808 among all cryptocurrency projects of the market. GSWAP’s market cap is reported to be approximately $30 million when writing this post.

Gameswap’s price had gone up constantly with a slight slope between mid-June and late October and then skyrocketed with almost 5x growth in just four days, reaching the peak of $4.57 on November 3, 2021. GSWAP’s price is $3.4 when writing this post.

GameSwap ROI

Talking about Return On Investment (ROI), although Gameswap’s investors saw their money got almost 10x over the last year (957% ROI), they might be a little sad if they compare this ROI with other projects. GSWAP underperformed compared to its similar projects and the top 1500 projects of the cryptocurrency market, which saw an average ROI of 1,241% and 37,949%, respectively.


Clearly, NFT gaming projects are catching eye these days. However, there are too many NFT gaming projects out there, and it is not guaranteed that any NFT game could be a success. So, no one better than you can decide to nominate an NFT as an investment option or not.

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