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What is XDC Network?

The XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible, hybrid blockchain, combining public and private blockchains and interoperable smart contracts. It is a fork of Ethereum and Quorum and reaches consensus through a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS)...More

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What does it mean?

XDC Network ROI
0.2XROI Percentage

A quick snapshot of XDC Network ROI (return on investment) over different time periods.

1Y Change-76%
30D Change17%
7D Change7%
24H Change-1%
roi iconXDC Network underperformed in similar projects, which had 0% growth over the past year.
roi iconXDC Network underperformed in crypto market, which had 0% growth over the past year.


A successful project is based on a foundation of a well experienced team. Take a closer look into XDC Network's team.

Roger Ver
Roger Ver CEO
Mate Tokay
Mate TokayCOO
Jason Butcher
Jason Butcher Co-Founder
Sydney Ifergan
Sydney IferganCMO
Simon Bowles
Simon Bowles Blockchain Advisor and Consultant
Emerson Samfilippo
Emerson SamfilippoEarly Supporter
Meenu Sarin
Meenu SarinAsian Markets - Ecosystem Development
Tadashi Yoshida
Tadashi YoshidaEcosystem Development, Japan
Confidence Nyirenda
Confidence NyirendaEcosystem Development, Africa
Alan Lai
Alan Lai Blockchain Engineer
Ankit Patel
Ankit PatelBlockchain Engineer
Atul Khekade
Atul KhekadeEarly Investor & Ecosystem Development
Ritesh Kakkad
Ritesh KakkadCo-Founder, Blockchain Strategist
Sameer Dharap
Sameer DharapVice President, Blockchain Application
Himanshu Pandey
Himanshu PandeyBlockchain Engineer Architect
Omkar Mestry
Omkar MestryTeam Leader, Core Tech
Anil Chinchawale
Anil ChinchawaleTeam Leader, Core Tech
Rahulraj Nair
Rahulraj NairSoftware Developer
Dattatray Hande
Dattatray HandeWeb Designer
Omkar Nene
Omkar NeneBusiness & Ecosystem Development
Afrikanus Kofi Akosah
Afrikanus Kofi AkosahBusiness Development and Core Community Member, XinFin Africa
Matt Goldrich
Matt GoldrichBusiness Development and Core Community Member, XinFin Philippines
Adams Caleb
Adams CalebProducer
Alex Mathbeck
Alex MathbeckMarketing Head
Tola Jeds
Tola JedsMarket Research & Reporting
Andrew Hung
Andrew HungPublic Relations and Liaison
Pramod Mishra
Pramod MishraPublic Infrastructure Consultant, XinFin, Ex-World Banker
Nakul Shah
Nakul ShahConsultant
Ruchi Kakkad
Ruchi KakkadLegal Consultant
Aaditi Girkar
Aaditi GirkarCoordinator and Relationship Manager
Kavita Gupta
Kavita GuptaCorporate Communications
Dayna Plummer
Dayna PlummerContent Writer
Himanshu Pandey
Himanshu PandeyBlockchain Engineer
Ian Mascowitz
Ian MascowitzBlockchain Engineer
Jack Corby
Jack CorbyBlockchain Engineer
Ravi Arya
Ravi AryaBlockchain Engineer


Projects with a public Github account have more transparency and reliability. It's best to invest in projects with multiple contributors and commits (code developed and pushed to Github).

4 Week Code Commits0


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XDC Network Market Cap & Liquidity

Projects with low liquidity and smaller market cap are generally more risky. As the projects become more popular and traded with more people, they are less volatile and considered better investments.

Check the historical data and price changes on

We do not have any data on the market cap and liquidity of this project.


A project backed by well-known investors is a strong signal for success. Take a closer look into XDC Network's investors.



Project announcements and news have a significant impact on the price. Below are live updates from XDC Network's Twitter and Reddit accounts.

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