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What is Cartesi?

Cartesi, with the symbol CTSI, is a cryptocurrency project or a kind of crypto asset holding the current market cap rank #296 and a live market cap of $90,500,157. Cartesi has a Circulating Supply of about 662,227,924.3 and a Total...More
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Cartesi ROI
0.3XROI Percentage

ROI (Return on Investment) shows how profitable a given crypto project has been in different time frames. Currently, the annual ROI of Cartesi is -65.07%, with a monthly ROI of 32.36%. Its weekly and 24hr ROI values are -3.6% and -6.13%, respectively. Projects similar to Bitcoin have yielded a 0% ROI over the past year, and the Crypto Market's ROI has been 0% in the same period.

1Y Change-65.07%
30D Change32.36%
7D Change-3.6%
24H Change-6.13%
Similar Projects0%
Crypto Market0%
roi iconCartesi underperformed in similar projects, which had 0% growth over the past year.
roi iconCartesi underperformed in crypto market, which had 0% growth over the past year.


A successful project is based on a solid foundation of a well-experienced team. Below, take a closer look at the team behind Cartesi and check their social media profiles provided to learn more.

Erick de Moura
Erick de MouraChief Executive Officer
Colin Steil
Colin Steil Chief Operations Officer
Augusto Teixeira
Augusto Teixeira Chief Scientific Officer
Diego Nehab
Diego Nehab Chief Technology Officer
 Danilo Tuler
Danilo TulerHead of Engineering
Bruno Maia
Bruno Maia Head of Business Development
Milton Jonathan
Milton Jonathan Senior Software Engineer
Victor Fusco
Victor Fusco Senior Software Engineer
Carlo Fragni
Carlo Fragni Senior Software Engineer
Marcos Pernambuco
Marcos Pernambuco Senior Software Engineer
Alexander Bai
Alexander BaiSoftware Engineer
Gabriel Coutinho
Gabriel CoutinhoSoftware Engineer
Stephen Chen
Stephen Chen Software Engineer
Felipe Argento
Felipe Argento Blockchain Engineer
Gabriel Barros
Gabriel Barros Blockchain Engineer
Zehui Zheng
Zehui Zheng Blockchain Engineer
Victor Yves
Victor Yves Software Engineer
Gabriel Ligneul
Gabriel Ligneul Senior Software Engineer
Fabiana Cecin
Fabiana CecinResearcher
Claudio Silva
Claudio Silva Project Manager
Mayowa Tudonu
Mayowa Tudonu Software Engineer
Marko Atanasievski
Marko Atanasievski Senior Software Engineer
Nathalie Brähler
Nathalie Brähler Head of Marketing
Arnaldo Pereira
Arnaldo Pereira Senior Software Engineer
Alex Mikhalevich
Alex Mikhalevich Software Engineer
Enderson Maia
Enderson Maia Software Engineer
Jesseca de la Pena
Jesseca de la Pena HR and Admin Manager
Karmen Truong
Karmen Truong Digital Marketing Manager
Lourival Vieira Neto
Lourival Vieira Neto Software Engineer
Marcel Moura
Marcel Moura Software Engineer
Marcelo Politzer
Marcelo Politzer Software Engineer
Maximilian Hatesuer
Maximilian Hatesuer Business Development Manager
Payal Patel
Payal Patel Executive Assistant
Victor Nogueira
Victor Nogueira Software Engineer


Projects with a public Github account have more transparency and reliability. It's best to invest in projects with multiple contributors and commits (code developed and pushed to Github).

Currently, the GitHub analysis of Cartesi indicates that it has a 4-week code commit of 0, with 5 contributors. So far, 8 forks have been made of it, and it has 25 stars, meaning that this number of users have chosen it as their favourite on GitHub.

4 Week Code Commits0


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Cartesi Market Cap & Liquidity

Projects with low liquidity and smaller market cap are generally more risky. As the projects become more popular and traded with more people, they are less volatile and considered better investments.

Check the historical data and price changes on

We do not have any data on the market cap and liquidity of this project.


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No investors found. Usually projects with proper investors have a higher chance of success. These investors who are venture capitalist, have done their due diligence before investing. If you think this is wrong please report to


Project announcements and news have a significant impact on the price. Below are live updates from Cartesi's Twitter and Reddit accounts.